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Technology to Help Bust Your Cheating Spouse

Are you worried that your lover might be cheating on you? Calm down because technological advancement has simplified everything for you. Find out for sure through spy apps. If it is true that he/she is cheating on you, these apps will help you trap them.

Mobile phones are the chief facilitators of the cheating behavior. Cheating spouses use mobile phones to play the game.  Using a smartphone, it becomes easy for the cheaters to set up secret meeting places or send love notes or sexts.

Now, if that is the case, don’t panic. The same smartphone that he/she is using to play these dirty games behind your back, you can turn the tables and track him. You can track signs of their activity and bust them. In today’s article, we are going provide tips on how technology can help you catch a cheating spouse.

• Spouse Movement Tracking

Nowadays mobile phones are tracking devices. These trackers are meant to assist you in tracking down your phone in case it gets stolen. It is enabled by using GPS to identify the real-time location of the phone.

You can use this feature to track your spouse’s movement. You don’t even need a different app to do it. The same application being used to track the stolen phone can be used to track your spouse.  What you need is to access your partner’s login credentials. Once you can log in into the phone, you will be able track them anytime you doubt their whereabouts. Wherever you partner is, the tracking device will tell you.

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• Checking Their Mobile Data History

Our daily activities and errands are made easier with apps. For example, when you want to book a hotel room or maybe find your way to the hotel you use some of the apps on your mobile phone like Google maps. Similarly, as they help you sought out your daily problems they also save your data for future reference.

What this means is that you can easily tell what your spouse has been doing for the past one week by accessing the applications. That way, you can tell if he/she has been cheating on you or not. In fact, not everyone is smart enough about app history.

• Identify Who The Other Caller Is

Your partner will do everything to hide the real identity of their secret affair. One way they do this is by changing the name of their secret lover on their phone to make it look like they’re being called by a familiar friend or someone from work.

Through the help of TRUE CALLER app, you can identify the true identity of the caller. First, track the number of times a particular person has called your spouse by checking their call history. Secondly, use True Caller to identify their name. The next step would preferably be to use a spy app to track their activities through your spouse’s smartphone.

• Camera Surveillance

You can now buy tiny Wi-Fi cameras that you can hide virtually anywhere in your bedroom. Find the best camera angle to view the bed and then conceal the camera. Using the camera’s app, if your spouse brings someone into the bedroom when you’re not around, the camera’s live feed will let you see, hear, and record every detail of the person your spouse is with.

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• Become A Full-Time Spy

This is the most effective yet dodgy method to use. It is dangerous because you must install a spy app to your partner’s smartphone. If you have tried all other methods and they are not working, begin using a spyware app.

The app gives you instant access to anything your partner does anytime on the phone. In other words, you can monitor their texting, location, calls, and emails among others. The monitoring software helps track whatever your spouse does with that phone.

Trust is supposed to be the building block of every relationship, but once you start doubting your partner’s loyalty, let the monitoring app assist you to spy on them. It is the ultimate way to bust them. However, using a spyware app on your partner’s mobile phone without their knowledge is against the law. Hence, there are legal consequences regarding this that you should be aware before you go down this route.

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