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The 10 Best Free Cloud Storage Services

People are taking more photos and videos and creating more digital content than ever before.  Since mobile devices and laptops have limited internal storage capacity, users are increasingly evaluating cloud storage solutions for their larger and larger file collections. Cloud storage service providers, in turn, have made it easier for their users to upload, synchronize, and backup photos, videos, other important files and documents, often at no cost.

There are many providers of cloud storage space with varying features. They have some limitations as well. Here are the best 10 free cloud storage service providers so that you can make an informed choice when selecting the best provider to suit your needs.

1. Google Drive

It is a popular cloud storage option you already have access to if you have a Google account.  Google gives you up to 15GB storage at zero cost. But that 15GB is shared across your Google Gmail so even though it offers one of the larger sizes for free, it’s not a full 15GB if you are already using and saving a lot of your Gmail emails. It lets you edit and share your files with your friends. If you have larger storage needs, you can buy extra space for not a lot of money. $19.99 a year gets you 100GB and $99.99 for 1TB.

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2. OneDrive

This is Microsoft’s cloud storage service which provides up to 5GB free. Previously, it was called SkyDrive and had 15GB free but Microsoft has downgraded it to 5GB. It is reliable, fast, and fully integrated into Office Online so you can save your Office documents like Excel, Word, or PowerPoint directly into OneDrive as if it were just another folder.

3. Degoo

It offers the highest storage on our list, providing 100GB for free. However, with this free storage comes some drawbacks. Degoo is perfect if you’re just looking for a place to backup or park a lot of data but it lacks the bells and whistles like file-synching or sharing like you’ll find on Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.  On the other hand, it is 100GB which is 20X more space than the OneDrive.

4. iCloud

iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage and offers 5GB of free storage for your Apple devices. It allows you to easily share and backup data from iOS devices such as your iPhone or Mac but can also work with Windows. It can be synced with Dropbox as well.


Previously MEGA was popular for providing file hosting for but after it was shut down for digital piracy concerns, it has reemerged as a provider of cloud storage services. MEGA provides 50GB of free space. MEGA has great data encryption and is very secure. So secure, that once you create the password, no one can reset it and it is not stored anywhere on MEGA’s servers. So forgetting or losing your password can be a huge hassle when you need to access your files. One drawback to MEGA is that it has bandwidth limitations and uploading or download large files can be slow.

6. DropBox

Dropbox provides one of the smallest amount of free space at only 2GB. Though it has tiny space in the comparison to others, it is more popular for its simplicity, reliability, and synchronization. DropBox has an incremental sync file architecture so it is much faster synchronizing file changes than other cloud providers. Plus, DropBox is extremely flexible and works on a variety of devices and software platforms.

7. Box

If you sign up for Box’s Individual Plan, you can opt for the 10GB free storage option. However, Box enforces a 250MB file size limit which is one of the smallest file size restrictions on our list. So you won’t be able to upload large files like video onto Box’s cloud storage. However, that limit increases to 5GB if you upgrade to their Personal Pro option for $10/month. On the plus side, Box provides a lot of in-depth privacy and file-sharing options that you can control.

8. Sync

Among the cloud storage service provider, is the only provider on our list that offers infinite free storage. When you sign up for a free account, initially gives you 5GB free, which is decent. However, you can earn 1GB free for each referral you sign up and there’s no limit to the number of referrals.

9. pCloud

pCloud gives you 10GB when you sign up but you can earn another 10GB free by following a series of marketing steps to help promote pCloud to your friends on social media. pCloud has a unique “rewind” feature that makes file versioning a breeze. It allows you to restore old versions of files up to 180 days ago and has a simple graphic that allows you to control which version to restore. It also allows you to backup directly from Facebook and Instagram so that you can automatically save your albums to pCloud.

10. hubiC 

hubiC is a new to the cloud storage field but it offers one of the more generous free storage options by giving users 25GB free upfront and gaining another 25GB by referring up to 5 friends. Each referral add 5GB. hubiC is based in France and one complaint with hubiC is with its slow file upload and download speeds outside of Europe.

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