The 20 Most Useful Travel Tips

The 20 Most Useful Travel Tips

Traveling is enjoyable but it could be difficult if you don’t have experience. Going around the world on google flights or other travel arrangements can leave you with some useful hacks on how to do it better. If you want to know how to travel like a professional and not go through the hassle of an inexperienced traveler, check out these most useful travel tips for the whole family. 

1. Pre-Book Your Tickets to Attractions

Usually, tickets for attractions, museums and landmarks are way cheaper when you look for them online with time in advance. Trying to purchase them directly at the attraction entrance or even on the same day you want to visit could end up costing more, and that’s if you even find tickets available. 

2. Take an Extra USB Charger

You never realize how much you use up the battery of your phone until you have to use it while traveling! Getting digital tickets, having to check your map and even taking constant pictures could leave you without battery power by noon, that’s why we highly recommend taking an extra USB charger with you so you can take it everywhere and plug it in the minute you find a power socket. 

3. Don’t Over Plan Your Trip 

Sometimes the excitement of traveling could make you want to plan each minute of your trip. This could cause you some trouble or it could end up complicating everything more. Remember that, on vacations, there are many unexpected things that could happen (both good and bad), so leaving some time to spare could help you enjoy your time more loosely. 

4. Carry Earplugs

From the moment you hop on the plane, you’re going to want to have a pair of earplugs at hand. This way you’ll avoid waking up every time a baby cries or there is a loud noise in the airplane, and it can even help you cope with jet lag once you get to your destination and need a good sleep. 

5. Use Your Miles to Purchase Plane Tickets

Don’t forget about your credit card miles to purchase plane tickets! This is the best opportunity to take advantage of all those points you never knew how to use. Another great way to catch the best offers on plane tickets is Google Flights.

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6. Invest in Travel Insurance

Overall, insurance is a great way of being prepared for the unexpected. Since most of the regular life and health insurances don’t cover you when you’re abroad, it’s important that you invest in travel insurance. That way you can travel safely knowing your travel insurance is there in case anything happens to you. 

7. Get Vaccinated

It’s always important to be aware of possible active diseases in the country of destination so you’ll be protected by getting vaccinated against them.

8. Purchase a Good Pair of Shoes

If we’re speaking of a long trip that’s going to have lots of walking and even hiking, we highly recommend you invest in a good pair of shoes that are specifically made for walking comfortably. You should look for shoes that also match most of your outfits. Taking 3 pairs of shoes is a good amount, so you’ll have everyday shoes, shoes for walking short distances and even a pair of dressy shoes. 

9. Take Pictures of Your Luggage

This tip could potentially save you in times of trouble. Right after you pack, make sure to take a picture of the insides and the outsides of your luggage, as well as particular signs such as a name tags or details in the bag. If your luggage gets lost during your travel or the airline misplaces it, it’ll be much easier for you and the staff if you need to help them identify your luggage. 

10. Take Free Walking Tours 

If you want to enjoy the most outstanding views of the city you’re traveling to but you want to watch your budget, we recommend taking free walking tours. Although they might be less comfortable than bus tours, you’ll still get to know the city without spending a dime. 

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11. Avoid Taking Cabs 

Cabs are one of those services that end up being way more expensive when you’re a tourist. The moment you arrive at the airport and try to pick up a cab, the cab driver will know you’re a tourist and charge more than usual. Instead, opt for public transportation which is cheaper. 

12. Try to Stick to Your Kids’ Eating and Sleeping Routine

The kids don’t have to suffer just because you’re going on a vacation. They don’t understand about schedule differences between two places, and you don’t want to mess with their natural schedule! So, try to stick to their eating and sleeping routine as much as you can so they don’t get cranky during the trip. However, if you’d like to avoid messy complications with your kids, it’s best if you wait until they’re at least 4 or 5 years old when you start traveling with them on long trips. 

13. Separate Your Cash and Carry the Right ATM Cards

In case something happens, it’s important that you remember to separate your cash among several members of the trip. Otherwise, if you get mugged or lose your wallet, you’ll be in real trouble. Also, you’ll want to make sure to carry only the ATM cards that don’t charge a fee for cashing out money in a foreign country. 

14. Pick Expensive Restaurants to Eat at Lunchtime 

Usually restaurants offer a smaller but similar menu for lunch as they do for dinner, but way cheaper. This way you’ll get a taste of real good food and even a fancier menu at a better price. This is a secret most restaurants don’t want you to know! 

15. Lunchtime is the Best Time to Visit Museums 

Since lunchtime is a time of the day when restaurants and eateries will be packed, this makes it the perfect time of the day to visit the most crowded attractions. You’ll be able to have lunch later, for now enjoy a line-free visit! 

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16. Learn Basic Phrases of the Native Language

Even though most countries carry English as a second language at least in the hospitality industry, it’s still important that you learn the most basic phrases in order to communicate yourself. Expressions like “hello” or “I’m lost” could go a long way. 

17. Make Copies of Your Passport and Other Important Documents 

In the very unfortunate case that you misplace or get your personal documents stolen, you could find yourself in great trouble. If you prepare yourself and get a copy of your passport or other personal documents, you’ll have a reliable copy at hand if you need to go to your Embassy and ask for help. 

18. Let the Kids Catch up on Sleep 

If you’re traveling with small children, one of the best travel tips is make sure to leave the day of your arrival completely free of activities so that they can catch up on sleep. There’s nothing worse than jet-lag, and that could even be worse for little kids. 

19. Get Purposefully Lost

Last but not least, we highly recommend you getting “purposefully lost”. This means walking without a defined course and just going where the wind takes you. This way you’ll be able to explore and know the city deeper than just a regular tourist. 

20. Pack Light

Be sure to pack light and don’t carry unnecessary items. What you should take are all-in-one products such as shampoo and conditioner in the one same product, foundation and sunscreen for your face, and deodorants that act as perfume as well. Also, make sure to pack a basic first aid kit in case you ever need it.

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Bonus Tip- Don’t Travel During High Seasons

We know there are times of the year when the whole family has the time for a vacation, but this could end up being more costly than usual. If you can take the kids out for a week during the school-year or if you and your partner can travel during low-season, this is the best way to avoid the crowds and overpriced services. Check google flights to find when low seasons occur. 

Which one of these travel tips was most helpful for you? Make sure to try them all on your next trip! 

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