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The Best Hair Care Tips to Get Your Mane Back in Shape

Everybody wants covergirl hair — shiny and thick strands that look like they were sculpted rather than brushed is the ultimate goal. If you’re looking for the best hair care tips to rock an enviable mane, keep reading.

1. Concentrate on Shampooing only Your Roots

The first and most important thing people get wrong is: how often to wash your hair. It really depends on the hair type, but unless you have pretty oily hair you should be shampooing only 3 times a week.

This might sound awful to you, but the truth is your hair can actually benefit from the natural oils that build up in a day or two. By overwashing you’re stripping your scalp of said natural oils and making it dry and prone to breakage. When shampooing, apply a penny-size amount on your hand and concentrate on lathering the roots, leaving the suds run through the rest of the hair while rinsing.

2. Use Conditioner only on the Tips

Conditioner is one of those hair care products that people either run away from (specially if they have oily hair) or use excessively. There’s no need to be afraid of conditioner, but you should be using it the right way and in really controlled amounts. Just a little drop is enough to cover the tips of your strands and hydrate dry hair.

If your mane tends to grease up easily it’s probably because you’re applying conditioner directly to your scalp, which slowly clogs your pores and results in excessive sebum. Another good hair care tip is to apply it before shampooing instead of after. This will leave hair a lot lighter because of the final rinse.

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3. Brush Your Hair only when It’s Dry

When searching for magical hair care tips, people stumble upon little actions they can change in their daily routine that will make a great difference, combing your hair is one of them. Or should we say, not combing?

If you want to know how to brush hair correctly, the first thing you need to know is any type of brush is your enemy when you first get out of the shower. When hair is wet it’s at its weakest point, being 10 times more prone to breakage. Right after shower, try using a thin comb and treat any tanglings from the mid section to the tips to avoid pulling from the roots. When your hair is dry you can then use a thick hair brush with soft teeth so that you prevent any aggressive hair pulling.

4. Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo used to be considered a lazy hack for people who didn’t want to shampoo or had no time, now it’s one of the most reliable hair care products that should be included in your routine. Because (as we mentioned above) shampooing too often is detrimental to your scalp, using a dry shampoo every couple of days helps remove build-up in the follicles and gives it a boost to hang on for another day.

5. Exfoliate Your Scalp

Your scalp is an extension of your skin, and like any kind of skin it’s normal that it clogs with dirt, debris and even your natural oils. Even though they started becoming popular just a couple of years ago, exfoliants are some pretty spectacular hair care products that will change the way your head feels. Scrub your head gently every couple of weeks (to avoid damaging the roots and drying the hair) and instantly feel your scalp refreshed and your hair lighter.

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6. Use Oils as Hair Masks

When you hear the word “oil”, good chances are you’re already picturing a bunch of oily hair. But the truth is oils can be an important ally when trying to get a healthy and shiny mane.  Not only are oils a powerful moisturizing for dry hair, they also contain supplements and ingredients that can be easily absorbed from the roots and nurture hair all the way to the tips.

Some of the most popular hair oils are argan oil, coconut oil, almond oil and even olive oil. You can apply a few drops on your strands before leaving the house or you can make a delicious hair mask applying it all over your head and letting it sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

7. Use Green Tea Infusions

One of the best things about natural remedies is that they provide dozens of benefits in just one application. A well kept secret from ancient times has been green tea, which aids in cases of weakness, breakage and overall bad shaped hair. Green tea is safe to use on any hair type because it’s one of the most gentle ingredients found on earth.

While you can prepare hair masks and rinses after shower, the absolute best way to get green tea to boost hair growth is by preparing warm infusions and drinking them everyday.  There’s no limit as to how much you can drink and in no time you’ll start seeing the results.

8. Give Your Scalp Massages

The cool thing about some of these hair care tips is that you don’t actually need any product or tool. Your hair is a part of your body that can go under a lot of stress, specially if you’re not a stranger to styling tools and hair coloring. When hair gets damaged it stops growing and even starts falling at a faster rate than usual.

To boost hair growth in a natural and pleasant way, we recommend daily scalp massages before showering or going to bed. The movement of your fingers on the scalp can stimulate blood circulation, which leads to important nutrients flowing all the way to the roots. If you have a special massager hair brush you can use it as well.

As you can see, you don’t need to cash out a huge amount of money while trying to get the perfect mane. These hair care tips are so simple you can add them to your daily routine and they’ll take no extra time.

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