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The Best Luxury Interior Design Tips to Improve Your Home

Everybody wants to live in a nice house but there are some people who have fancy and particular tastes and look for the extraordinary in everything they own, including their home design. Besides investing the time into earning an interior design degree to expand your own decorating knowledge, if you want to make your house stand out from the rest check out these handy interior design tips and incorporate them in your home. 

1. Heat-Soaked Glass Ceiling

The Best Luxury Interior Design Tips to Improve Your Home- Soaked Glass Ceilings

Heat-soaked glass is a process that makes the glass look “shattered” in a controlled manner so it doesn’t fully break. Heat-soaked glass has a very elegant appearance because it looks a bit rugged yet lavish, perfect to make a ceiling installation made of strengthened heat soaked glass panels where the natural light will pass through beautifully. You can also place a big chandelier hanging from the glass ceiling and make the light reflect even better. 

2. Invest in High-End Lighting 

The Best Luxury Interior Design Tips to Improve Your Home- High End Lighting

One of the things that all luxurious houses or apartments have in common is that they’re filled with light even at night. Luminous spaces look even larger, so even if you don’t have the most ample rooms they’ll look way bigger if you invest in high-end lighting. You can splurge in some modern-looking chandeliers, wall lamps that also act as accent pieces or even take it as far as investing in a fancy lighting installation that comes from within the walls. 

3. Wooden Floors  

The Best Luxury Interior Design Tips to Improve Your Home- Wooden Floors

You might think that wooden floors are overrated and look a bit antique, but the truth is having wooden floors installed in your living room, in your bedroom or even in your kitchen can create a big statement of luxury in your place. If you want to create the illusion of a modern house and bigger spaces you should opt for clear wood, while you can pick dark wood for a warm look and if you consider yourself a classic person. 

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4. Metallic Golden or Silver Accents

The Best Luxury Interior Design Tips to Improve Your Home- Metallic Accents

Whether it’s in your outfit, a piece of art, a car or of course your house decoration, metallic pieces in golden and silver can really make the difference for you. After all, gold and silver are the ultimate elements that shout “wealth” and “luxury homes”. Metallic accents can be placed in your lamps or chandeliers, on wall pieces such as sculptures or pieces of art, on furniture such as coffee tables or chairs, on items such as vases and candles or even on your floor with a metallic-embezzled rug. 

5. Get Velvet Furniture

The Best Luxury Interior Design Tips to Improve Your Home- Velvet Furniture

Another material that strongly suggests “luxury homes” and high-end lifestyle is velvet. Ever since medieval times only the monarchy had access to this fabric, and didn’t spare it when using it on their clothing, on their furniture and even on the wall lining. Now velvet is way more accessible, but it still has that opulent appearance and feel. You can purchase a very accessible piece of velvet furniture such as a loveseat, a chaise lounge or even an armchair. We don’t suggest you invest in a bigger piece of furniture since it could look a bit over-the-top. 

6. Stick to as Few Colors Possible for Whole Spaces

The Best Luxury Interior Design Tips to Improve Your Home- Monochromatic Design

Once in a while, being wealthy meant that people could splurge in different colors, textures and materials and prints for the whole house: wallpapers, living room fabrics, rugs, wall painting, etc. Nowadays, the less color you have in one room is even better and looks more luxurious. Pick a neutral color (white, beige, camel, gray…) and try to stick to it in all of its possible shades and tones. With just a few contrasts and accents here and there you’ll have an ultra luxurious-looking place. 

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7. Have a Wine Cellar Installed in Your House

The Best Luxury Interior Design Tips to Improve Your Home- Wine Cellar

A wine cellar is one of those items that most people only desire to have in their home design but not many can have the luxury to have them. If you want to take your place to the next level you should definitely invest in an elegant wine cellar. It doesn’t matter if it’s a classic wooden cellar hidden under the main story of the house or you have an edgy, modern cellar that’s right in front of your guests, wine cellars showcase your good taste. 

8. Make a Smart Home

The Best Luxury Interior Design Tips to Improve Your Home- Smart Home

You know what says “luxury homes” more than anything else? A smart home! If you’re going to make a big smart home design inversion to improve the appearance of your place, also invest in the features and functioning of your house. A smart home can start by something as simple as purchasing a smart speaker and connecting it to your lighting and TV to having installed a complete smart home system where you can handle the thermostat, the lighting, the sound, the alarm and even smart curtains by just tapping on a small iPad. 

9. Invest in Your Stairs Design 

The Best Luxury Interior Design Tips to Improve Your Home- Stairs

In terms of interior design, the stairs can have a big impression on the overall appearance of your house. Luxurious and high-end staircases usually feature lots of glass on the railings with shiny metallic moldings, well-polished wooden steps or even polished marble steps are a strong statement that talks about an exotic and ultra-luxurious place. Don’t forget to invest in little details such as vases on certain steps of the stairs or lighting on both ends of a staircase. 

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10. Create Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

The Best Luxury Interior Design Tips to Improve Your Home- Floor to Ceiling Windows

Big and ample spaces are the ultimate choice to make your house seem and look more luxurious. If you’re doing a whole house remodeling, try placing floor to ceiling windows to have the natural light fully enter your rooms. Typically, the standard ceiling height is 9 foot, but if you want to make it look better you can make it 10 to 12 foot high. Purchase some flowy drapes that’ll dance around when the air comes in and you’ll have a high-end room. 

By just following some of these useful interior design tips, you can change your house from a regular-looking place into a high-end luxury home, regardless of the size of it. 


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