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The More Patience The More Success

Patience comes from the Latin word ‘pati’ which means ‘to endure’. For most people, this is not just a plug and play virtue. This is the condition where you wait more and give up less. You have had that business running for a year now but still, there isn’t much success. But you believe in your business model and keep striving.  This is patience. You are an athlete and you’ve been training hard for years but still not cracking the starting lineup. But you believe in your talents and continue to hone your skills hoping to get there next year.  This is patience.

Why You Need Patience

  • Patience is a major quality required for success.
  • It helps you make sound long term decisions without giving up on them.
  • Patience helps create long lasting relationships.
  • Patience creates in you empathy for others.
  • It creates a healthy life for you

How To Be Patient

  • Know Your Limits

You need to know for how long you can keep up with something without getting angered by it. It is these limits that you are going to break. At what point does the volcano in you erupt? And how do you contain the eruption before it happens? These are the kind of questions you’ll answer in your mind.

  • Pick A Time To Start

This will be the time you decide to start practicing patience. Ensure that, in your mind, everything that you do has a patience tag on it. Keep a record of how you handle situations, how you react to something e.g. delays at the hotels. Get to know where you exercised patience well, and where you didn’t. This help highlight your weaknesses and will help you train yourself on how to develop patience towards them.

  • Take Your Time

Be relaxed when doing your regular things. Do not be in an absurd rush to complete tasks. Pay attention to how to accomplish tasks and notice how that gets you great results. The best results in life are those achieved through time dedication. Hurry has no blessings.

  • Learn How To Get A Hold Of Your Anger

Almost every time your patience is tested, anger tails along. Anger is the ultimate result of impatience. Now, when you feel anger build up, take a deep breath and relax. Wait a little bit more. Trust me it’s going to pay out dearly. This makes you learn how to get hold back anger and wait more.

  • Motivate Yourself

Listen to the inner voice. Give it time and chance to talk to you. Pat your mental shoulder whenever you manage to endure pain of waiting. Self-motivate yourself. Push yourself to wait more. People do it and so can you. Listen as the inner voice tells you whenever pain builds up. Let the inner you cage down the anger and crank the patience knobs to the maximum.

  • Create A New Persona In You, And Accept It

Create the new you. Be a changed person who is all about patience. Remember success has a thing for patient people. Endorse the new you and try hard to keep the old you contained. The new and patient self, will then take over the old impatient you and you will love your ‘new you’.

  • Meditate Often

Meditation is no longer reserved for monks only. You need to create a connection with the inner you. Listen to what your body wants. Tell your body to practice patience. Train your mind how to wait longer. Call upon patience unto your life. Let your body know that it clearly can.

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Patience requires a lot of dedication and attention. It requires the whole of you. Nobody can teach you virtues better than yourself. Constant nurturing is needed. You might fail sometimes but as long as it’s your target to be patient, then you’ll make it. It’s up to you to accept patience and allow it to overcome your anger.

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