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These Pregnancy Travel Hacks Will Relieve All of Your Stress

If you decide to travel while pregnant and find yourself unprepared, we have a few pregnancy travel tips that’ll help you enjoy a more relaxing and enjoyable trip.

Let Your Pregnancy Be Known

Whether you are showing a few weeks or a few months, chances are people won’t notice that you are pregnant. That’s not a bad thing. Another good thing is that being pregnant sure does come with benefits. So, while you stand at the airline check-in, let the airline agent know. Chances are you will be able to receive an aisle seat which will make toilet runs a lot more convenient. Plus, you won’t have to worry about standing in line long as you get ushered through the fast-lane or worrying much about your bags when you have others to thank for carrying them.

No Need to Over-Pack

It’s a no brainer that you need to pack for your trip, but another great pregnancy travel hack to keep in mind is to travel light. Especially if you do plan to carry your own luggage.

Make Sure You Can Do the Activities of Your Trip

Many activities are a no-no while pregnant like scuba diving and anything that involves an adrenaline rush. So it is better to just check to make sure. That way you’ll be safe and not sorry.

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Be Comfortably Dressed

There is nothing wrong with being comfortable, that’s to be expected as much as possible while pregnant. The only thing that will be the most uncomfortable are your organs as your baby presses against them.

Another example of comfort is to wear loose fitting clothing and bringing along a soft pillow to snuggle with will surely help you get some much needed sleep.

Make Sure There Are No Restrictions with Your Airline

Each airline has their own rules for pregnant travelers. Make sure you know what the restrictions are prior to using an airline. 36 weeks is usually the time limit for most airlines. Any higher amount of weeks of pregnancy will require you to have medical clearance from a physician. This will ensure that your risk of in-flight labor will be very minimal.

So, even if you are less than 36 weeks, it’s better to just have a letter available if questioned about it.

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Are Certain Vaccines or Medicines Required for Your Destination

It is a good idea to thoroughly research your travel destination. Are there any epidemics or pandemics in the area which will require you to receive a vaccine or other medication before departing?

If you plan to travel to a high-risk area for food poisoning, make sure to pack rehydration salts. That way if you do contract food poisoning, you won’t run the risk of dehydration and your baby will be safe. Also keep in mind NOT to take Imodium. Imodium is counteractive and prevents your body from expelling the food poisoning bug.

Your Body Will Talk to You, So Listen to It

Be aware at all times that you have a baby bump to take care of. Make sure to change any habits you feel are necessary to prevent any unforeseen dangers. Taking it slow and listening to your body will help you to enjoy a much more tranquil experience. Listening to your body will also allow you to recognize when you are hungry. Skipping meals while pregnant is never a good idea, but unfortunately a lot of pregnant women do it because of their habit prior to becoming pregnant.

To help you prevent yourself from running late for your flight and causing unnecessary stress and panic, make sure you allow yourself enough time. You can even set your alarm for a certain time to leave, this will cut down any stress you receive as you wait in backed up traffic an hour before you’re scheduled for departure.

So if you use these traveling during pregnancy travel hacks, you are guaranteed to have an exciting and enjoyable trip that you will never want to forget. Plus, your husband will be happy too and who doesn’t like a great travel adventure that is well planned out?

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