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These Simple Tips Will Let You Google Like A Pro

If the internet is the gateway to the world then Google is the key that opens the gate. Virtually anything you could possibly want is available on the internet, but sometimes we struggle to find it. Google searches are typically the best way to locate whatever it is you’re attempting to locate. However, learning how to effectively utilize Google is something that many people have yet to do well. We fail to see Google as a tool. Something that will perform better when used properly. The following list is a compilation of helpful tips and tricks to streamline your Google usage and hopefully help you reach your internet destination more quickly.

Remove Filler Words

Google search engines feature algorithms that filter out words deemed unnecessary such as a, and, the, of, etc. Doing so streamlines the amount of time needed to produce search results. So when using Google try and cut out the words not relevant to your topic. For example: a search for ‘Beauty and the Beast’ will garner the same results as a search for ‘Beauty Beast.’ Save yourself some time and cut out the excess.

Try The Second Page

Studies have shown that 91% of Google users never go to the second page of a search. While this is certainly bad news for websites who don’t make the first page cut, it could also mean that you as a Google user are missing out on some potentially great sites because you didn’t dig deep enough. Do yourself a favor and give sites on the second and third pages of your search a look.

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Identify Your Scope

Depending on what you’re looking for you may have to broad or narrow a search scope. Let’s say you want a new pair of shoes. A Google search for trendy shoes may be the simplest course of action. But if you wanted a pair shoes specifically for that party next Friday you might want to search for elegant or classy footwear. Remember that Google is responding to what you put into it. A vague search will get you vague results and a specific one will give you specific returns.

Try Google Images

You’d be amazed with what you can find in image searches. If you saw something but can’t remember what it was exactly try a Google image search. Type in as detailed a description as possible and then peruse the results. More often than not you’ll find what you were looking for. At that point it’s a simple process of clicking the image and following the link to the site.

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Use All the Features

We already mentioned Google Images, but Google also offers a range of other options that can assist you in finding what you want. Options such as News, Flights, and Books are all designed to better tailor the search to exactly what you want. Look through these tabs when you search to find items more specific than the generic Google search.


The internet is virtually ubiquitous these days. The chances are that if you have something you want to know, someone else has already searched for it on Google. Type in the first few words of a phrase and then check the drop down bar to see if what you are planning on searching for is listed below. If it is then chances are you’ll find the answers you’re seeking. Plus, you just saved yourself some typing.

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Open Multiple Windows

Google follows the searches you make and attempts to anticipate what you will search for next. A quick search for used cars means that when I next begin to type in Google the autocomplete suggestions it gives me will be related to automotives. This is great if you plan on dealing with on area of interest for an extended period of time. But if your work requires lots of different searches on multiple topics it can save time to have Google operating in multiple tabs. Group your search topics so that the hits and suggestions Google gives you stay relevant.

Google is perhaps the most powerful tool freely available anywhere on the planet. The information you can obtain through it is virtually endless. Sadly, most people never even scratch the surface of what it really offers. In the future use these simple tricks to get the most out of Google and as a result reap the benefits of better and more effective search results.

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