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Tips for Decorating Your Home

There can come a time when you look around your house and feel like you’ve grown tired of the same old look and feel like it’s time for a space to get refreshed and updated.  Here are a few tips that will make home decorating a room easier.

1. Start with a color scheme

If you are doing bigger renovations the first step is to make sure you know what colors pair well together and the color schemes you want.

2. Creating a fake high ceilings

If you want your room to look bigger and more open, you can create that effect with high hanging curtains or has a striped pattern.  These trick the eye to make your ceiling look higher.

3. Put paintings and/or photos on the walls

That way you will make your house feel warmer plus it can bond the whole family.

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4. Make the kitchen look brighter

If you have a kitchen with cabinets from floor to ceiling, it may make the kitchen seem dark. To lighten it up, paint the ceiling with a color that is a paler than that of the walls.  This way the room will look a little bit brighter.

5. Mixing your flatware

You can save a lot of money when you start mixing your flatware instead of matching it. In addition to the saved money that way the place settings will feel special and unique.

6. Contrast your pillows

No matter if you put the pillows on your couch or on your bed, contrasting their patterns and colors will make them and the whole setting more interesting.

7. Hang mirrors carefully

Mirrors will reflect everything so it will be smart if you look around and choose the best spot to put a mirror.

8. Experiment with the furniture in the living room

When the whole family gets together in the living room to hang out or watch a movie, make it feel extra cozy and comfortable. Try different positions for the sofa and the armchairs to see what settings will allow people to sit closer and not feel distant.

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9. Think about the size of the furniture

Sometimes the size of the space you have dictates your furniture choices. The best thing to do is to think strategically. For example, if you are putting a bed right up against a wall with a window, think about what size of headboard will allow you to maintain your privacy and, at the same time, let the sunlight from the window to shine through.

10. Mix the bedding

Just like the flatware, to make your bedrooms unique and special, try different and contrasting beddings and combine them. Try mixing colors and patterns which will take away the ordinary feel from your room.

11. Paint your dining room furniture white

You can make your dining room look elegant and expensive without spending tons of money. Paint some old antique chairs white to make them look brand new. White furniture looks expensive.

12. Keep the furniture away from the walls

Going back to making a cozy feeling in the living room, if you put your sofa and armchairs away from all the walls you can create a more intimate environment that makes the room feel even cozier.

13. Paint half the wall

If you want your room to look subtle but stylish, you can paint half the wall one shade and the other half another shade. Be careful with choosing the colors because not all colors go well together.

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14. Open shelve kitchen

If you decide to do your kitchen with open shelves it will allow you for fast and easy decor changes later in the future.  Just remember to keep your dishes clean and nicely stacked because it will be on display.

15. Add rugs in some areas

Many decor designers say that rugs are art for the floor just like pictures are art for the walls.

16. Cover up your chairs

If you don’t want to spend money on new chairs, buy slipcovers for your chairs. They are an inexpensive way to change the look of a room or just hide old chairs.

17. Don’t buy everything at once

Take your time and choose the furniture you want. It will be the best if you shop for each room separately. That way you can have time and clear mind for every room.

18. Start with your bedroom

Since the bedroom is your territory and the room you spent the most time in it will be the best to start with it. You need to make your bedroom the coziest place in the house to make you feel at ease and more comfortable.

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