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The Top 10 Picks for Baby Camera Monitors

Your baby’s safety is always a top priority! Having a good quality baby monitor, or baby camera, will keep your baby safe, and allow you to be at ease! Here you will be able to compare the top 10 cameras and monitors on the market, and decide which one suits your needs best!

WiFi Baby 4

The Top 10 Picks for Baby Camera Monitors- WiFi Baby 4It is a highly rated HD baby monitor that easily keeps you connected via iPhone, iPad or Android. Connect anytime, anywhere. This monitor is versatile and user friendly.


  • Night vision – the longest range of any baby monitor on the market with up to 30 feet in total darkness.
  • Audio and alerts – real time alerts and audio while using other apps. With other monitors the audio stops whenever you leave the app.
  • Ability to expand – can support up to 4 monitors on 1 screen with simultaneous audio anVTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor alerts. Others support only one monitor.
  • Apple Watch – the only one on the market that offers Apple Watch audio alerts.


  • Cost – over $200.00
  • Cameras – only comes with one camera.
  • Internet speed – audio and video can be interrupted by slow internet or data connections.Buy on Amazon1

Motorola MBP36XL-2

The Top 10 Picks for Baby Camera Monitors- Motorola MBP36XLIt is a portable video baby monitor. Two-way audio not only allows you to listen in, you will also be able to talk to your baby, and interact from another room.


  • Screen size – a 5-Inch color screen for monitoring your baby. Can also be used as a pet camera or pet monitor.
  • Camera – comes with 2 rechargeable cameras with tilt, zoom and remote panning capabilities.


  • Cost – pricey, compared to others at almost $250
  • Rechargeable – the 2 cameras are rechargeable, so if they are not properly charged up you will not have a working monitor.Buy on Amazon1

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Baby Delight Snuggle Nest

The Top 10 Picks for Baby Camera Monitors-Baby Delight Snuggle NestIt is designed to provide reassurance that your baby is sleeping safely. Studies from the National Institute of Health show that ‘Babies sleep safest on their backs’.


  • Movement/Positioning – a wearable unit detects all movement and actual positions your baby is in while sleeping.
  • Synced – the wearable unit is synced to the monitor and ready to use right out of the box.
  • Cost – high quality and under $200


  • Charging – the wearable unit has to be recharged at the base and sometimes needs to be replaced for lack of charging.
  • Apps – the lack of being able to sync through an app means you can only access it by the handheld monitor.Buy on Amazon1

Infant Optics DXR-8

The Top 10 Picks for Baby Camera Monitors-infant OpticsIt has a small 3.5” LCD screen and two-way talking feature.


  • Plug and play – there is no setup required.
  • Playback – this one is not like internet cameras as it uses wireless transmission which provides delay-free audio and video playback.


  • Outdated – it has a retractable antenna which seems it is outdated for the price.
  • Monitor – with only a 3.5″ LCD screen viewing may not always be easy.
  • Cost – over $150Buy on Amazon1

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VTech DM221 Digital Audio Baby Monitor

The Top 10 Picks for Baby Camera Monitors- VTech Baby MonitorThis is practical and easy on the wallet.


  • Secure Transmission – doesn’t use internet and can’t be listened in on.
  • Wide range – operates up to 1,000 feet in range.
  • Two-way talk back intercom system.


  • Monitor – does not have a monitor, only used for audio
  • Batteries – takes rechargeable batteries and always needs a full charge to work properly.Buy on Amazon1

Willcare Portable Digital Audio Baby Monitor

The Top 10 Picks for Baby Camera Monitors- Willcare Portable Digital Audio Baby MonitorIt is sleek and compact.


  • Lightweight – its sleek design makes it less bulky than other clip on monitors.
  • Rechargeable batteries – uses a heavy-duty rechargeable battery that won’t drain quickly; up to 20 hours of battery life.
  • Cost – a great deal under $30.00


  • Monitor – no monitor so it can only be used for audio.Buy on Amazon1

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FREDI Wireless Baby Monitor Camera

The Top 10 Picks for Baby Camera Monitors- FREDI Wireless Baby Monitor CameraThe FREDI Wireless Baby Monitor Camera has got it all for a very reasonable price!


  • Cost – so many features for a reasonable price; under $40.00
  • Remote access – view on smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC.
  • Setup – quickly set-up on Android or iOS using the app.


The Top 10 Picks for Baby Camera Monitors-UniwoodThe Uniwood Wireless Surveillance IP Camera has night vision, motion sensors and more; all for under $50.00


  • View – 350° panning and 100° tilt capabilities provide optimum viewing.
  • App – scan the code on the box to quickly download the app.
  • Motion – highly sensitive motion detection and night vision up to 26 feet.


  • Monitor – not included, so you must have a smartphone or computer for viewing.
  • Connection – if you have a poor signal or a slow connection it won’t work properly.Buy on Amazon1

Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor

The Top 10 Picks for Baby Camera Monitors- Hello BabyThe Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor has many features and is just under $70.00


  • Monitor – handheld monitor and camera included.
  • Capacity – can link up to 4 cameras to view.
  • Signal – enhanced 2.4GHZ wireless technology ensures a wide range and prevents signal drop outs.


  • Viewing – small handheld monitor makes viewing harder.
  • Batteries – rechargeable batteries must be fully charged to get a good reception.Buy on Amazon1

Samsung Wireless HD PTZ Video Baby Camera

The Top 10 Picks for Baby Camera Monitors- Samsung Baby MonitorThe Samsung Wireless HD PTZ Video Baby Camera is a decent price for a “name brand” electronic.


  • Night light – built-in and operates by remote control.
  • Compact – sleek design that fits into small spaces.


  • Monitor – not included; must purchase separately.
  • Syncing – cannot sync to smartphone or computer.

There you have it! So, shop around and pick only the best for your bundle of joy! With a wide variety, and a range of price tags, there is something for everyone!Buy on Amazon1

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