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Top 12 Rented Home Decor Ideas on a Budget

Do you know that interior design can impact your emotions and moods? This means that living in a beautiful space can positively affect your daily life.

But, decorating a rented house can be a costly affair, and all interior design actions involve limiting yourself to your landlord’s rules. You can’t make a significant transformation like painting the walls if the flat owner doesn’t allow that.

Luckily, there are numerous ways to decorate your rented house on a budget.

A simple DIY project to upgrade your space will give your house the style you envision. With some small touches here and there, you can decorate any apartment within the budget; your house will go from a plain space to feeling like home.

Here are 12 home decor ideas for your rental homes:

1. Add Color to Your Space with Pillows and Blankets

Blankets and pillows are easy and quick ways to transform your room’s appearance entirely. With a bit of creativity, they will refresh your space without spending a lot of money and time.

2. Use Handmade Objects Like Crafts to Spice up Your Space

Incorporating your unique DIY artworks into your art collection is a perfect way to decorate your space on a budget. You’ll achieve a truly unique and individual aesthetic.

A great example of DIY art is to curate nature into a stunning collection by mounting a selection of pressed leaves and wildflowers. If you’d rather have more colorful pieces, you can make unique abstract art by cutting various colors and textures of decorative papers into thought-provoking geometric shapes. Then, arrange them in distinctive layouts, and glue them onto a card-stock backing to make your artwork.

3. Use Mirrors to Make the Room Seem Bigger

Taking advantage of your house’s small room doesn’t mean you must give up on making the space look bigger. Particularly if the living room or foyer feels enclosed, use a mirror to make an impression of a bigger space. 

Full-length mirrors make a room feel spacious, while short mirrors mounted on the walls make the alcove or hallway feel bigger.

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4. Salvage or Purchase Second Hand Furniture

Furniture is one of the most costly purchases you will ever make. However, does it really need to be that expensive? Visit antique shops, Craigslist, Goodwill, or other online platforms, flea markets, or garage sales to get secondhand items that are free or at least very cheap. 

You can also consider renting furniture as this will help you save some cash. If you opt to purchase, go for things that you can transform. For instance, an old door from an ancient house can be transformed into a table by putting stands on it. It becomes a tête-à-tête piece.

5. Put up Curtains

Simple drapery curtains will add color and texture to any space. Window and door coverings are easy and quick DIY projects if you buy curtains and curtain rods. A few screws in the wall are easier to patch when you want to move, and you will improve the looks of the space while blocking out the sun and noise. You can try to use 1 item in multiple ways. For example, get that boring belt and turn it into a fascinating home decor. Use it as your curtain tieback.

6. Get Double-Duty Furniture for Storage

If your house doesn’t have closet space, get furniture that can offer storage space while performing its function. For instance, buy a coffee table with a hidden trunk space or shelves underneath. Get a bar cart that doubles as shelves for books or a side table. You can also buy repurposed furniture that acts as two different items.

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7. Buy Items You can Hold onto for a Few Years

It’s difficult to buy some things with a limited budget. So, it’s important to pay more for the things that will last at least a couple of years. Invest in furniture like sofa, bed and everything you know you will carry with you. When choosing these items, make sure they are easy to assemble and disassemble.

To balance off, spend less on things that are not used often and might not make it to your next house. For example, don’t spend a lot of money on side tables and dining chairs.

8. Replace Old Lighting

The house will feel complete if you replace the old, boring lighting. Installing new lighting will make a huge difference, and you don’t need to depend on the standard pieces that are already in the rental homes. You can settle for the basic floor lamps with plastic shades, but make sure to buy lighting that will create a warm tone. In this case, fixing a chandelier at the center of the ceiling will be a good idea.

9. Bring in a Touch of Nature

Indoor plants are a perfect way to infuse life and color into your home space. It’s essential to purchase the plant from local garden facilities or flower markets to lessen the costs since the plant pots can be expensive.

You can reuse mugs, bottles, and bowls to make potted plants at home. For something unique and space-saver, go for hanging plants, as they will add bright cheeriness to your room and lessen the room space.

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10. Incorporate Elements of Design in Unexpected Places

In tiny houses or in a room where you want to make the best use of space, including décor elements into functional pieces is a brilliant idea. Organize a personal collection of oddments as the centerpiece on a coffee table.

Use a mix of mini succulents to make a living centerpiece. Also, you can use bookshelves to house ornamental elements and books by arranging exciting vintage pieces, photos, and some plants to kill the monotony of a library-like collection of books.

11. Refurbish Your Old Furniture

A piece of furniture can improve the appearance of your room. However, beautiful and brand-new furniture is expensive. So, you can enhance some old furniture since restoring it is more cost-effective than replacing it. If you want unique furniture, get a used one and personalize it to your preferences. For instance, you can paint an old chair and accessorize it with artificial fur or cushions.

12. Customize Your Walls Using Removable Wallpaper

Most renters hesitate to customize their walls through painting or installing wallpapers since they might lose their security deposits.

Luckily, removable wall decals and wallpapers provide a damage-free and temporary solution to the beige or white walls that keeps your house looking plain. You can try various patterns and colors on your walls without worrying about making a blunder that cannot be reversed.

However, it’s important to double-check with the landlord regarding what is allowed and what is forbidden.

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If you are going to move to Berkeley, California and looking for Berkeley apartments or anywhere that aligns with your unique style. We hope this post has stimulated your creativity and imagination to let you improve the home decor in your space with the best ideas without hurting your pocket. They are superb ways to make your rental homes comfortable and a place to call home.

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