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Top 4 Design Ideas to Jump Start Your 2019 Home Improvement Project

It’s always better to plan your home improvement projects ahead of time to avoid overspending. It will also help you find the best home design deals in the market. Now that we’re a few weeks away from welcoming 2019, you should start thinking about your next home improvement project.

Which part of your house do you plan to work on? What crazy updates do you want to do? How much money can you allot for the budget? In case you’re not sure of what to do, you can check our amazing list of home improvement ideas below:

1. Try Replacing Your Interior and Exterior Lighting Fixtures

Top 4 Design Ideas to Jump Start Your 2019 Home Improvement Project 1

A lot of home improvement experts pay great attention to the lighting fixtures used inside and outside a building. That’s because lighting fixtures can easily influence the mood in a room and alter how guests perceive the size of the area. Both smaller lights, like table lamps, and grand fixtures such as chandeliers play crucial roles in a room’s appearance.

Check your existing lighting fixtures performance by testing basic features, such as whether the chandelier, lamp, or other appliance, turns on. Do the fixtures light up? If yes, is the light too dull or sharp? If they don’t turn on, ask yourself if you need to replace them? If yes, what light bulb wattage and design do you want to use? What light bulb colors do you prefer?

There is an extensive range of lighting fixtures that you can choose from today. For example, you can instantly update your kitchen design by installing pendant lights over the kitchen countertop or under specific kitchen cabinets.

If you want to add more drama to your living room, you can try installing crystal chandeliers. Your shelves and open cabinets could also use a few new lighting fixtures too.

If you have an outdoor lounge or a landscape garden, you must consider adding lighting fixtures to your outdoor furniture right away. You can choose from motion sensor lights, wall-mounted lamps, hanging lighting fixtures and more. These types of products can illuminate your outdoor area, especially at night, to add more ambience. If you want a more festive vibe, you can use a multi-colored string lights fixtures around your outdoor furniture.

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2. Make Simple Adjustments in the Kitchen

Top 4 Design Ideas to Jump Start Your 2019 Home Improvement Project 2

Even if you have a tight budget, there are a handful of things you can do to upgrade your kitchen. For example, you can repaint the cabinets and shelves. Use bright and vibrant colors in your home improvement project to achieve a super refreshing look. Alternatively, you can use bold, neutral colors like black, white or grey if you want to achieve a more classy and regal finish for your kitchen design.

If your kitchen cabinets are still in good shape, you don’t have to replace the entire structure. Just change the doors. You can add a wooden door or sliding glass doors to the cabinets for a modern touch. You can also try changing the kitchen cabinet handles.

Your cabinetry may be way beyond just a simple facelift. If they need to be replaced, look to RTA cabinets (Ready to Assemble) as a very affordable option. These unassembled cabinets can save you up to 50%, are typically solid wood, and have some great options. By using RTA cabinets you will save a bunch of money without compromising on quality or features. In fact, most of them come standard with dovetail drawers and soft-close doors and drawers.

If you have a lot of free space, you will also love setting up a multi-functional nook as a home improvement project. You can use it for informal dinners, reading sessions, or tea time. For this updated house design task, you can use a long chair, throw pillows, and cushions to make sure you can have a comfy seat.

Changing the kitchen backsplash is also a relatively cheap kitchen improvement option. You just need to measure the working area, gather the tools and materials, and choose the color and design of the tiles. Try to match the design and color of the backsplash tiles with the colors of the walls or the cabinets.

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3. Start Working on Your Garden

Top 4 Design Ideas to Jump Start Your 2019 Home Improvement Project 3

More and more people are falling in love with gardening. It’s a fun hobby that anyone can try. It’s also a great way to exercise and a good stress reliever. If you don’t have a garden yet, you should definitely add it to your home improvement list.

When brainstorming the garden design of your dreams, you should make sure to learn proper garden landscaping techniques to make sure you know what your task entails. Your unique garden design means very little when you aren’t capable of doing the work.

You also need to know basic gardening practices. For example, you must know the differences between a biennial and perennial plant. What type of fertilizers should you use? How many times do you need to water your plants daily? Check this post to learn more about it

If you have a very small garden, you need to use the space as efficiently as possible. You have to choose the right furniture, create a clear living space, and avoid cluttering the area with unnecessary items. If your garden is spacious, try fruit-producing trees or shrubs. Feel free to build a gazebo and add in a few furnishings for added appeal.

Contrary to popular belief, creating a garden is not that hard. You only need to prepare your tools and equipment. You may also need to create your own garden soil mix. Once you have your garden ready, make sure that you water the plants and remove the bugs and weeds regularly.

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4. Invest in Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Top 4 Design Ideas to Jump Start Your 2019 Home Improvement Project 4

The outdoor living area is one of the best places where you can unleash your creativity, and a rather underappreciated aspect of house design. There are so many home improvement options that you can use for the outdoor living area.

You can create an outdoor kitchen where you can broil, grill, roast, and fry your food during the cold and warm seasons. Outdoor kitchens are also a great space to entertain guests who love to eat and cook at the same time.

If money is not a problem, you can install heavy-duty commercial-grade appliances like refrigerators, grills, and side burners. If you have a limited budget, you can simply purchase a grill for your barbecue parties with your family and friends. You can add the rest of the appliances when you’re financially capable.

You can also try building an outdoor dining area to your home design plan. Make sure to pick a nice and shaded region in your backyard to avoid inconveniences while dining. You will also need to select durable furnishings like chairs, tables and outdoor umbrellas.

Apart from creating an outdoor kitchen or dining area in your backyard, you can also try creating a lounge area or building a firepit. Your guests will surely love sitting down in your outdoor lounge while watching the latest basketball game or an episode of their favorite TV series. They will also love sitting around the fire pit and sharing funny and interesting stories the whole night.

So, what are your favorite home improvement tips? Which ones will you use for your own house design project? Do you have other home improvement ideas in mind? Remember to start planning as early as you can. Outline your goals for your home design plan too, for motivation. By doing so, you can complete your projects on time and avoid spending too much money on your projects.

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