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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Trade Show Booth Design Company

One of the most efficient ways that a business can promote its products or services is by exhibiting at a trade show. At this event, a company has a great opportunity to present their current offerings to potential customers and investors. As trade shows are popular events, having an awesome trade show booth will give you an edge over your competitors. There are many reasons why you should consider hiring a professional company to help you build and design your trade show. Let’s explore a little more!

1. Pre-Show Planning

Kickstart your success by figuring out the main goals of your exhibit. It might be the number of leads you want to attain or boosting your brand’s awareness. Once you have outlined your goals, you can set your trade show booth and make informed decisions. Also, you will have some obvious metrics to use that can help you calculate the ROI.

As soon as you start planning, selecting a great booth location on the trade show floor will have a significant impact.  Here, professionals can help you make the right choice. Obviously, you don’t want to put in all the effort and cost in a booth without getting significant foot traffic. Remember, it will be worth it to pay more in a highly visible area such as near the food stalls or the main entrance.

2. Appeal and Interactivity

It’s imperative to capture the attention of trade show attendees right away as there are multiple brands at the trade show competing for their attention. Failure to do so and your potential customer will move on to the next exhibitor. It’s vital to have a strong, creative, and memorable theme for your trade show display if you want to create a lasting impression. An agency to design your company’s marketing content will result in a refreshing and innovative theme that attendees will long remember after the show.

Nothing beats one-on-one interaction with customers. Trade shows provide you with a golden opportunity to engage with both current and potential customers. The idea is very simple – the more attendees you get to stop by your booth, the better leads you can acquire. Instead of working from a list of cold call customers who may only have a slight interest in your products or services, a trade show will give you an access to hundreds of targeted prospects. At this point, you might think about how to attract more visitors to your trade show booth. Well, get creative with your trade show booth design! The trade show floor can be quite overwhelming for visitors and you’ll need to find a unique way to stand out. Some of tips include:

  • For your trade show display, consider using audio-visuals, textures, and even scents that fit with your theme.
  • Professionals will incorporate technology into your display such as using social media walls or integrating high-tech with augmented reality.
  • Create perks for your booth visitors with relaxing seating areas or interactive games.

3. Design Aspects

Many trade show booth companies provide an all-inclusive range of services covering aspects from design to set up. If your company do not have enough experience with creating trade show booth displays or are short on time or resources, you can benefit significantly from hiring a reputable trade booth agency. Conversely, some trade show booth companies merely follow the client’s specifications and will build accordingly and do not concentrate much on the design phase. So, make sure to consider this aspect while choosing a trade show display firm.

4. Bring Your Ideas to Life

An efficient trade show booth design will consider the crowd dynamics and view angles and will pay attention to details so visitors from anywhere on the trade show floor can get to know about your business from multiple angles. It can be very challenging to build and design a stand-out custom trade show booth on your own. When searching for an exhibit company, you will want to hire an agency that offers all-inclusive services, eliminating any room for headaches. A full-service exhibit company will take care of the design, renderings, build, regulations, safety, and accessibility requirements. They keep up with the latest industry trends to turn your ideas into a unique finished product and meet your trade show booth ROI goals. This will then free up your corporate team to emphasize customer engagement.

5. Promote Your Trade Show Presence

To ensure you get the most out of your trade show exhibit, you need to build up anticipation and brand recognition earlier. Consult the trade show organizers for contact information for the registered visitors. Many organizers may allow you to buy a list so you can get an early start on your email marketing campaign. Also, incorporate social media into your event’s marketing efforts by targeting and promoting trade show hashtags.

Lastly, don’t forget to use search engine keywords for your PPC and SEO campaigns. Posting about the trade show event on your website and reach out to all potential customers who may attend the event. At the start of the event, having visitors you have already contacted to attend your booth to help build buzz and positive word-of-mouth to attract additional attendees.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a trade show booth design company can be a great solution if you need help for your event. You may have an excellent staff, but that may not be sufficient to achieve desired outcomes. Seek professional help to get the best return on investment to make your exhibition worth the cost and effort.

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