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Top 5 Best Free Shopify Themes for Your eCommerce Website

Creating a website is a simple task. If you have the right set of tools you can easily integrate a beautiful looking website. But when it comes down to an eCommerce website, you have to be extra careful. The website’s user interface influences how your audiences are going to treat your online store.

You’re probably thinking that an eCommerce website can be made only by the developers, but let me tell you a trick that you can use to solve this problem and you can even create your own website without starting from scratch. Shopify is a platform that provides customer support for providing the best eCommerce theme with a monthly payment.

And there are some themes that are free as well. You just have to visit their website to get access to those best free Shopify themes.

Best Free Shopify Themes & Templates

Shopify is a platform that helps new entrepreneurs with their first online store. Not only does it provide some of the best free Shopify themes and templates but the themes are from the premium class.

Here are some of the free Shopify themes that you can consider when creating your website.

  1. Brooklyn

It is one of the most famous free Shopify themes. It comes with two different kinds of styles. Each style holds its own importance. The first style is much classier. And it has a vintage look to it. The other one is made of modern apparel.

It has a header slideshow that can hold all the top products and introduce them to all the incoming audiences. And you even get a dynamic gallery of the newly launched product. It gives you a function that can help your audiences with a one click buy option. This helps your audiences to buy the product in just one click.

It also has a cart option that stores all the products that your customers want to buy. The cart option also reminds the customer of all the accumulating products in the shopping cart. This theme will give you a feeling of all the high end eCommerce websites like Amazon and Alibaba.

  1. Narrative

It is also one of the many Shopify free themes that you can go for. This theme is very rich in colour contrast — you can even choose many shades in one theme. If you are a new start-up and have few products to sell, then this theme is the most suited theme for you. This theme comes with a small catalogue; hence, it is well suited for small companies.

This theme allows the video function of the products. It allows users with a full-screen button system. As the name suggests “Narrative”, this theme acts as a storytelling theme for your products. You can customize everything starting from the block quotes to the images. Also it can assemble everything in a way that it tells a story about your products.

It has a fixed menu system, which is quite handy while navigating. The menu pops up when you navigate down, for easy access to the menu bar.

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  1. Annabella

Annabella is one of those kinds of themes that does not have any particular niche and can go with any kind of niche-based website. And if you are talking about an eCommerce website, it fits perfectly like water into a vase.

The slideshow that comes with the theme ensures that your products get the right introduction. There is even some variation in the slideshow. You can choose from any of them. The homepage banner also comes in different shapes and sizes. It even has the magnifying effect to give the user best experiences.

If you are talking about a theme that is ready to go from the start. Then it should be Annabella. It mesmerizes the audiences with the visuals and hooks the audiences with the best product introduction.

  1. Minimal

If you are looking for a theme that is clean, simple and yet will mesmerize your audiences, then you are looking for the Shopify theme, Minimal. It offers various designs, but the best design that most  people like is the old classy and vintage look.

This theme is well suited to music-related products and merchandise. But this is not what made this theme famous. The main feature of this theme is the slideshow that highlights all the main products of your site.

This slideshow can captivate others by highlighting all the top products of your site. These slideshows act like a solid introduction to the newly launched products. Not only this but this theme also has some product filtering features that can help your audiences to find their best pic in a short amount of time.

The image that is on your site can also be zoomed in and out to give the best user experience for the audiences.

  1. Simple

The name simple itself defines the theme. The simple theme is very minimal in its colour contrast and as a result it has kept itself as  one of the cleanest themes. Both the user interface, templates and the font of the theme is as simple as it could be.

This theme is full of white borderlines that are made to highlight the products that you showcase. Unlike the other themes, this theme is made to showcase a high amount of products at the same time. There is a sidebar that can accommodate all the menus. This way you will be able to show all kinds of products to customers without taking a huge amount of site space.

If are looking for a theme that can highlight all the intriguing details of your products then this is what you are looking for.

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Final Thoughts

Getting an eCommerce theme has become as simple as buying a product from the supermarket. It is all thanks to Shopify that has given an alternative approach to getting an eCommerce theme.

In this article, I have enumerated the top 5 Best free Shopify themes that you can go to for your online store. But that does not mean that there are only these. Shopify is a treasure house of both free and premium themes — just visit Shopify and choose the theme that suits you best.

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