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Top 5 Cameras for Beginner Photographers

A lot of people today are falling in love in the idea of taking photos anywhere in this world. There is a sense of fulfillment and delight in taking photographs and if you are someone who would like to level-up your skills in photography, then you’ve come to the right place.

There are so many point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras that are great for starting photographers but some are not worthy because they are either too big or too small for you or they are complicated to the point that they would only be applicable to professional photographers.

It is easy to take photographs but it’s complicated to learn the art of it. But if you want to start a career in photography then you must start with yourself. If you are a beginner, there are cameras in the market that would fit you and your capabilities. If you are starting in photography it’s always hard to choose the type of camera to use but with the help of the professionals and photography nerds, here are the five recommended cameras for beginner photographers:

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1. Nikon D3300

Top 5 Cameras For Beginner Photographers1

The great thing about the Nikon D3300 is not just its quality and the high megapixels it offers, but what also makes it better than the rest is the fact that it gives you a step-by-step procedure on how and what to click to capture a great photo or video. That is one of the factors that will benefit beginners because sometimes they tend to guess at what to do. With Nikon D3300, a guide is included in the package and you won’t have a hard time learning photography.Buy on Amazon1

2. Canon EOS 100D

Top 5 Cameras For Beginner Photographers2

Canon EOS 100D is one of the most well-known cameras today. It is often used by professionals and intermediate photographers but it is also applicable to beginners. Most Canon DSLR cameras are too huge for some starting photographers but that’s not the case with Canon EOS 100D since it’s much smaller than the previous DSLR models. Canon EOS 100D is versatile to the point that it’s just easy to do focal zooming, panning and focusing on a specific subject that results in having better quality of photos and videos. Also, one great thing about Canon EOS 100D is its audio!Buy on Amazon1

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3. Canon EOS M3

Top 5 Cameras For Beginner Photographers3

Canon EOS M3 is the kind of camera that you would use in case you have a spontaneous trip to somewhere far from your home. This camera is also popular with vloggers on YouTube. That is why a lot of beginners are drawn to the beauty of the Canon EOS M3. If you want to learn the basics of photography, then Canon EOS M3 is the perfect camera for you. This camera has two colors: black and white.Buy on Amazon1

4. Fujifilm XT-20

Top 5 Cameras For Beginner Photographers4

Want a stylish yet easy to use mirrorless camera? We have an answer for you. Fujifilm XT-20 is the perfect camera for you because of its newly improved autofocus system which is great news for beginners. Also, Fujifilm XT-20 offers a shooting rate of 8fps and a 4K quality video. Fujifilm XT-20 is a great starting camera for beginners because you will truly learn about the basics of photography.Buy on Amazon1

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5. Sony Alpha A7R II

Top 5 Cameras For Beginner Photographers5

The Sony Alpha A7R II is one of the best-selling cameras from Sony. It produces amazing and high quality images and videos that looks professional even if it’s just taken by an amateur. This would be a good investment for beginners because they will learn the ins and outs of photography. Sony Alpha A7R II is relatively small compared to other professional cameras so it’s handy and it can even fit inside your pocket. A stand out quality of the Sony A7R II is its full-frame sensor.Buy on Amazon1

Choosing a camera is easy if you do your research well. Sure, it’s fine to just buy the cheapest camera that is available, but sometimes they can be poor quality. It is better to invest in things that are proven to be easy to use and lasts a long time. Photography is a great way to escape and see your world through a different lens so you better start now and don’t reserve your dreams for later.

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