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Top 7 Exciting Things to Do in Atlanta

The city of Atlanta has sweltering summer weather and is home to the world’s busiest airport. All that is happening Atlanta will go well beyond your expectations. It’s a Georgia capital boasting the largest historical sites and attractions such as “Jr.’s birthplace” — Martin Luther King, vintage performance venues, vibrant nightlife sights and an exciting range of activities for both adults and kids. The city has some of the most popular eateries serving some of the most delicious meals you will ever find. From culture vultures to history buffs, we have got you covered. Here are top 7 things to do in Atlanta that you must try.

  1. Fox Theater

Frequently known as “The Fox”, this glamorous-styled downtown landmark presents the best performance Atlanta entertainment including the Atlanta Ballet and Broadway shows simply known as Fox Theater. Its original purpose was as a classic feature films venue. Whether you want to explore the inspired architecture or are interested in ancient buildings, you will enjoy the guided tour through this perfect theater’s story and you will quickly become mesmerized by the world’s second largest theater.

Tickets and schedules are accessible on The Fox’s official website for both tours and shows. This movie palace is a perfect home to tour shops, comedy headliners and top-leading brands. It’s a popular place in the ATL to catch almost everything from local brands to several American touring shows. Between these events, you can reserve behind the scenes expeditions of the Egyptian style venue including the grand Moller theater “Mighty Mo”, constructed in the year 1929.

  1. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park


You can spend some quality hours invoking the spirit of the idealistic civil rights. Take a ranger-led trip through Dr. King’s birth home where you can see the original furnishings and restored rooms. Here you will discover special exhibitions devoted not only to Dr. King but also his companion and fellow social reformer Mahatma Gandhi. The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park site is equipped with a lot of knowledge that you will love exploring and getting familiar with. If you are interested in history and great historical figures you should make it a point to visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park.

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  1. Georgia Aquarium

top-7-exciting-things-to-do-in-atlanta-Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium, is the world’s largest and most magical aquarium you will ever find. With over 10 million gallons of fresh and salt water it presents a beautiful aquatic life – Amazing! Here you will come across sea tours, learning and interactive shows, interacting with animals and much more. Who doesn’t want to learn about those friendly dolphins’ behavior and the human connection?

This aquarium is devoted to enhance preservation and conservation of animals and at the same time helps us in creating a positive impact on aquatic life in Atlanta and around the globe. Georgia Aquarium is the largest indoor aquarium in the Western hemisphere with more than 100,000 water-loving residents. The site is situated adjacent to Centennial Park boasting sufficient saltwater and fresh habitats to keep the visitors happy for several hours. Some of the aquarium’s big stars include Beluga whales, penguins, dolphins and massive whale sharks. You will also find a self-guided tour app free of cost to help you navigate through the exhibitions.

  1. Piedmont Park

top-7-exciting-things-to-do-in-atlanta-Piedmont Park-

When it comes to things to do in Atlanta, neighboring the Atlantic Botanical Garden in Midtown, Piedmont Park is an ideal place to spend a relaxing afternoon. Extending over 200 acres, the park has a lot to offer you from jogging and walking tracks, picnic amenities, exclusive dog parks, tennis courts, farmers market, to a public swimming pool. Discover the sports fields, biking paths, and skating areas to enjoy both casual and organized play.

You will enjoy seeing the Noguchi Playscape – a connection of shape and texture exclusively designed for active and passionate interaction. Make your way to the Legacy Fountain which features approximately 70 jets and presents a million lighting configurations. Further on, the place hosts diverse Atlanta’s most popular events such as Atlanta Pride, Atlanta Dogwood Festival and Atlanta Jazz Festival. Many travelers highly recommend this place and call it a little piece of peace. Visitors are fond of playing tennis, swimming and picnicking here too. You may also want to opt for public conveyance to and from the park. So, look out for Piedmont Park – another of Atlanta’s great attractions.

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  1. Ponce City Market

top-7-exciting-things-to-do-in-atlanta-Ponce City Market

Ponce City Market was once home to the Southern head office for Roebuck & Co and Sears. It features offices, coffee shops, eateries, educational institutes, boutiques and much more. The building’s roof is a great attraction itself offering two unique draws including Skyline Park and 9 Mile Station. Visitors have a lot of fun here and appreciate the diverse tempting food options. The roof and its attractive sites have received tremendous appreciation from travelers.

  1. Stone Mountain Park

top-7-exciting-things-to-do-in-atlanta-Stone Mountain Park

Spreading across 3,200 acres, Stone Mountain Park comes with a variety of family-friendly sites. For many travelers, the biggest attraction is the Confederate Memorial Carving. With the highest relief sculpture, this carving presents three Confederate heroes of the Civil War. Further, the facilities include two golf courses, a wildlife preserve, many eateries, and an antebellum plantation. You can comfortably spend all day discovering the picnic areas, hiking trails, and recreational sites. At Stone Market Park you can find more activities here.

  1. CNN Studio Tours at CNN Center

top-7-exciting-things-to-do-in-atlanta-CNN Center

Whether you are an inspiring journalist, or fond of the network, visiting CNN’s headquarters will make you more than happy. Your trip to CNN Center will give you a great look at the everyday operations of one of the world’s largest news agencies. From producing broadcasts to upgrading experiences, you will love to meet and greet the popular TV anchors. The 50-minutes tour will take you through live newsrooms to memento press passes. Many travelers are quite impressed with the friendly guides and the tour at CNN Center as a whole. Though some have complained about the long security checks and walking distances that may consume a lot of time while others describe them as interesting and informative. CNN Studio Tour is worth your time.

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Undoubtedly, Atlanta is a commercial center and is definitely a sightseer dream. There are so many things to do in Atlanta. There are unique entertainment spaces such as the Fox Theater, beautiful green spaces like Piedmont Park and the finest panda exhibitions at the zoo. From history buffs to shopaholics, you will find everything according to your interest. If you are a sports enthusiast, don’t forget to visit the Centennial Olympic Park and College Football Hall of Fame as well as Ponce City Market. Meanwhile, families can visit the Georgia Aquarium and many other interactive spots. Have fun!

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