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Top 7 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Romantic Getaway

What images, thoughts, and feelings come to mind when you hear the word “romantic”? Do you feel beautiful and elegant in a ritzy beach resort? Maybe you feel warm, safe, and unabashedly yourself? Now, imagine your home and the feelings your associate with your living space. While you may feel warm and cozy, it is safe to say that your associations with romance are not intertwined with your home.

What if I told you that you can have a perfect and romantic getaway without spending a fortune on a trip? What if you could find some great house decorating ideas to make you feel the romance, without leaving the comfort of your home? Thankfully, we have a few home design ideas that will help you make a romantic getaway out of any home decor, without going over a budget.

We simply need to look closely at what we like about the romantic places we visit often and bring it to our home. We know that a perfect replica of your favorite destinations is not possible, but we are able to reasonably, replicate the feeling of romance with the right approach..

When we visit a romantic place, often the first few things we notice are, low hung lights, the colors of the walls, the placement of plants , the music, any sitting arrangements, and, to add an extra x-factor to the entire scene, a little bit of  water in the background. All of these scenarios can be recreated at your home with the help of proper interior designing and with few extra home decor items.

As with any home decor, you want to furnish your space with pieces that reflect who you are and what you represent. For those who want to add a touch of romance into their lives, you should think no different; find romantic house decorating ideas that will show off your own personality.

The following paragraphs should be seen as a reference, to lend a helping hand to finding your own romantic getaway home design without going over your tight budget.

1. Romance Oozing Decors

If we observe closely, it’s clear that while choosing a place to plan a great romantic evening, it is not the place which contains the most romance that attract us, but the small, intimate touches that are added to the room which adds intensity to that feeling of romance.

For example, dimly lit, low hung yellow lights, soft music, low or floor sitting arrangements, cozy corners and small but beautiful indoor dark green plants. Of which are kept in the corners here and there to hide everything in their shadows, adding a touch of intimacy, and to give the entire room a dark and deep forest look.

Small water fountains are easily available nowadays in the market. An elegant fountain with a running water feature in any corner of the house will provide the soothing and relaxing voice of running water. It, not only, calms our nerves after a long tiring day but, can bring more positive energy into our living space.

2. Movie Corner

Everyone loves to watch movies. Have you ever wondered why we love to go the theater? In a theater, we are able to disconnect ourselves from the entire outside world. We sit in a dark room, where the noises are loud and the picture is so big that concentrating on anything else while watching a movie is not possible. We hardly feel aware of what is happening in the seat next to us, let alone the world outside. A cozy T.V. corner with a big screen and a powerful home theater system with surround sound can help bring the same feeling at home. Especially, for those sleepless late nights when you are not in a mood to go out but want to chill with your partner.

These days there is amazing technology available in the T.V. and home theater section. You can find overstuffed recliners to put in front of your T.V. screen to complete your romantic home design arrangement. Also, most movies are available on internet, so you won’t be hindered by a tiny collection of movies to choose from. By separating it with a temporary partition (less costly and movable) of your choice, you can create your own, very special home theater. So, plan a movie night with your partner whenever you want for a romantic getaway and enjoy it in your very own personal movie theater. Don’t worry about the cost, as all the electronics and furniture are available on rent.

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3. Things “We Like” Corner

Every person has a different personality. For some people, sitting outside in the sun or in the open area can be very relaxing. For others, listening to slow music with closed eyes is relaxing. Then you have a handful of people who think sleeping is relaxing. Some people find cooking to be relaxing. For some people reading books is relaxing. The list goes on and on.

To the time we spend doing something we love more enchanting, all we need to do is make proper arrangements beforehand. For example, music lovers can have a proper music system installed with a proper place to store as many records as they like, for painters a corner with a proper canvas and a fixed side stand with colors and all the other supplies, for cooks all type of cooking appliances and so on. It will take a little bit time to create a proper setup but once it’s done, the things you love doing would be even more relaxing as they would be completely hassle free. No work just fun in your new home design.

4. Your Personal Garden of Eden

For people who enjoy nature more than closed enclosures, a small but lush terrace garden would be the best place to sit alone or spend time with their partner. Creating these kinds of terrace or balcony gardens is, surprisingly, very easy and reasonable. These gardens enhance the entire look of your house and make for a perfect house decorating idea. By adding a little water fountain in the corner or by hanging a few low, dim lit yellow light with plants, you can turn your balcony into your personal Garden of Eden.

Exercising in the morning, having a steaming cup of tea afterward, having a drink after coming back from office and dinner under dim lights with slow music would lift up your mood tremendously. Sit with your loved one and enjoy, as they say, “Heaven is a Garden”, so create your own heaven and enjoy it with you loved one.

5. Colors Surround Us

Colors can be very helpful in creating any type of ambiance without spending a great amount of money. Colors can also enhance a particular theme in a more prominent way.  For example, you can make your theater home design more realistic by choosing darker colors to decorate the walls to recreate that intimate feeling.  . These colors don’t have to cover all the walls just that particular corner. Repainting a corner of a wall can solve two purposes- first, your corner would look more cozy, and second, it will stay separate from the entire house without being actually separated.

Since you are only changing one corner of your home design, the cost of the renovation will be very little, and will still give you the freedom to change at any time. By choosing a green color for your balcony walls, a jungle can be created in no time.

Choose colors as per the theme you want to create in your home. Going with your heart rather than going with the trend would might even surprise you more. Experimenting in colors is also a good idea. Colors don’t come very costly and are easily replaceable. Experiment away. Bring colors of love home and surround yourself.

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6. The Bedroom

How can we forget the bedroom when we are discussing romantic home decor ideas for your home? . The best way to choose the right kind of bedroom theme is to do it with your partner. Patience and imagination play a great role in this process Think it through, take your time and then decide.

A bedroom is your own private sanctuary where no outsider can enter without your permission. So, feel free to make it as personal as possible. Lots of happy couple pictures, scented candles, canopy bed, thick rugs and airy windows with hanging flower pots. Can it get any better than this? Try to be open to all ideas — an open mentality can bring magic to your life.

7. Some Honorable Mentions

All the above-mentioned points can change anyone’s romantic life for the better. But they are not the only tips for spicing up your home life. There are a few other crucial tips that should not be ignored.

Remember to look at each idea through both your own view, and try to appreciate your partner’s view as well. Think of what your partner likes as well as your own preferences, then try to decorate the space accordingly.

You should also try to keep the perfect ratio of unused space to used space in the room, meaning you want the room to have enough decor to look cozy, but not so much that it overwhelms the space.

By working together, you and your partner will be able to choose the perfect decor to make your home into a relaxing, romantic getaway. This project will do more than just add a bit of spice to your romantic life, but it also fosters the opportunity to help grow and nurture your relationship by spending quality time with each other. Making your home design into a romantic getaway will make sure to bring that warm and cozy feeling into your space, even on a very tight budget.

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