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Unique Furniture That Will Improve Your Life

In this day and age, regular old furniture just doesn’t cut it anymore. Why have a regular sofa when you can have one that charges your phone or turns into a bunk bed? The technology that we use every day is becoming more and more advanced and furniture is a part of that change. Check out the following items for some very unique furniture pieces that could vastly enhance your life.

KioCube Coffee Table

High-Tech Furniture That Will Improve Your Life_1

This coffee table will transform the way you use your living space. Nestled inside the top of this table is an interactive, multi-touch screen that can be used just like any other tablet. The company also sell this table in larger formats, if you’re looking for something a little bigger. This is perfect for:

  • Playing games with family and friends
  • Looking up actors or actresses while watching your favorite television programs
  • Keeping children entertained while watching the news, or other less-kid-friendly programs

Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk

Unique Furniture That Will Improve Your Life22

If you work at home, or have any say over your workspace, you might have considered a standing desk. Working an office job and sitting for hours at a time can be tedious and bad for your health. On the other stand, committing to stand for eight hours a day is tough, and having options can be nice. This adjustable desk can solve that problem for you. It is completely automated and can go from sitting height to standing height with the press of a button. This is perfect for:

  • People who have back problems
  • Anyone looking to get a bit more exercise during the day
  • People working in a fast-paced environment
  • Parents who are worried about keeping children away from their computer equipment

Charging Sofa

High-Tech Furniture That Will Improve Your Life_3

Too often, families face the issue of not having the enough outlets to charge of all the devices. When everyone has a phone and a tablet and a laptop and a game system, space fills up very quickly. This stylish sofa could be the answer to all of your charging needs, with outlets placed on the front of the sofa on the armrests. You may need this if you:

  • Are constantly looking for an outlet
  • Have outlets that are blocked by your current sofa
  • Are constantly working from the sofa

Table-Top Fireplace

High-Tech Furniture That Will Improve Your Life_4

If you are living in an apartment or home without a fireplace, you may be missing sitting around a fire with family and friends. Sharper Image has created a table-top fireplace that can work for even the smallest apartments. Though it is probably not a great idea to leave this one unattended, it would make a great centerpiece for any living room. This is perfect for:

  • Anyone who is perpetually cold
  • People who grew up with a fireplace and want one for their home
  • Someone looking for a creative accent to their living space
  • Anyone who really enjoys roasting marshmallows

Wall-Mounted Folding Desk with Storage


Space is almost always an issue when building a home. Often, finding a place to get work done in a crowded apartment or home can be quite a challenge. Wall-mounted furniture is a great space saving solution for smaller living spaces. This folding desk works in two ways, by being attached to the wall and folding up even smaller.
This product is for you if:

  • You are looking to work more from home but do not have the space
  • You have a small living space
  • You have items that you want to keep out of sight or in a safe space

Expanding Furniture

High-Tech Furniture That Will Improve Your Life_6

Just like Russian Nesting dolls, this furniture is just full of itself. Expand Furniture is a space saving furniture company that creates furniture that can store itself. You can find coffee tables that turn into dining tables and ottomans that are full of seating options. They also sell wall-mounted beds and desks for even more space saving. You may need these products if you:

  • Live in a tiny space
  • Live in a studio or one bedroom
  • Are looking for furniture that transforms
  • Love anything high-tech

People often take style over function when it comes to furniture but now, with these unique pieces described above, there are more and more options that both look good and serve as a functional part of a modern home. Hopefully, this list provided you with a few ideas to help make your living space modern, beautiful, and functional

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