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Ways to Use Facebook Live Video for Your Business

What is Facebook Live Video?

This a newly designed platform on Facebook that allows you to take a video recording of whatever activity you are engaging yourself in and sharing it with a wider Facebook audience. This advantage can be used to promote a business in many cases, as it broadly displays the practices of the business as put by the owner. If you are wondering how this can work with your business, then you are in the right place, as this article will expose the necessities for its usage.

Advantages of Facebook Live Video to Businesses

There are many benefits reaped by businesses as a result of using Facebook live video. Some are discussed below showing how beneficial Facebook live can be to a business.

1. It creates a better understanding of the audience

There is a maximum level of engagement with an audience when Facebook video live is used. The consumers can relate directly to your business in this case thus, this increases trust and loyalty between businesses and their respective consumers.

The product or services video clearly define the structure and details of once business, Facebook videos are real and can`t be faked and thus provides a clear understanding to customers.

2. It immediately provides information

The Facebook live video provides an information of what can or can’t work in the market. It allows a business to ensure what the consumers really want to their satisfaction. It also allows communication in real time.

This live stream video also acts as a referral zone as it allows your audience view commentary from the consumers

3. Reaches more people

There are over 1.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Live stream videos are potentially able to attract a large audience, therefore, making a more online visibility and also branding. Thanks to the immediate interaction associated with Facebook live video, the business could attract more viewers compared to a single post.

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4. A video is more desirable

Video contents are more appealing and easier to digest as compared to other methods. These contents are also easier to remember compared to the rest. Five hundred million Facebook users view videos daily on the platform. Update in Facebook is one of the ways used by Facebook to determine what is valuable and important to its users thus Facebook live videos watched three times more than regular videos.

5. This is a cost effective video strategy

Many brands look for cost effective strategies when it comes to social media marketing. Facebook live in that case portrays a cost effective nature as it is all about living the moment. You don’t need fancy cameras or editing skills as people love live videos and those also unedited. All you just need is a smartphone, and you will be set to market your products and services. Although cutting costs is the subject, don’t just share any videos, share highy quality videos that will attract your viewers.

Ways to Use Facebook Live Video for Your Business

1. Address blog comments

One way of using Facebook live is by discussing a topic that interests your audience. You can answer the questions posed by your audience through live video quickly instead of answering them on your blog, this encourages them to wait for the live video instead of waiting for a replay. This also saves on time as it answers questions upfront.

2. Give an inside look of your business

You can let your customers explore your business using Facebook live video, show them how your business looks like and your operations of work. You can also favor them by showing whatever they need to know through their questions.

3. Promote your upcoming event

Facebook live is a great way of announcing an upcoming event. Create a post letting your customers know you have an event coming up and show its details in a video through Facebook live video. You must have an easy-to-remember URL when posting these videos that you can share with your viewers. Post them to comments as well in case the viewers didn’t note down.

You can also use Facebook live to stream a live event. An example is when attending conferences, you can broadcast interviews to your audience to keep them on your Facebook page.

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4. Tease new products

Another way of using this platform is to give your customers a sneak peek of the products you own. This is applicable to those newly arrived products that aren’t on your website yet, you can use Facebook live video to show them to your customers.

5. Answer FAQs

Customer service is an important aspect of Business. Instead of replying to specific questions, you can use Facebook live video to combine the questions and answer them accordingly as this saves time. These videos have an archive that you can forward to anybody who seeks answers.

6. Engage with your Facebook

If you use Facebook groups to promote your products, Facebook live is then the better option for this as it answers all questions posed by your products. This also helps deepen the relationship with the members of the groups. Anyone in these groups can post videos in the groups, so you may have to adjust the settings so that you approve all the new posts coming.

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Business Facebook Live Videos Examples

With the rise in video marketing in businesses, several organizations have used Facebook live as a tool for their excellence. Below are cited out examples of these organizations using Facebook live to promote their businesses.

  1. Starbucks

Starbucks is known for their addictive and refreshing coffee and tea giving a wider selection of these products. They broadcasted their first live event which took place in Jamaica at Rufus King Park. They first started with their representatives touring the ground and later speeches by the Starbucks chairman, CEO and other members present. They encouraged the viewers to send in questions to help them improve on engagement.

  1. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is known for cooking. She expanded her skill to Facebook live. She has put videos of recipes of her cooking and her tutorial videos which have really made the cake out of it. She tells her viewers where to get the specific products and their respective features. At the end of these videos, Martha engages her viewers in Q and A to keep her viewers engaged.

  1. Sephora

One of the famous companies using Facebook live with special people who are hard to interact with normally, such as celebrities. This attracts people who want to take advantage of these blue-moon opportunities. They host famous guests who interact with each other with questions from an off-screen audience.

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