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What are Virtual Reality Casinos

The online gaming industry has grown exponentially over the last few years. Ever since the introduction of online platforms to bet and gamble, the software and platforms have been evolving and adding new functions so players can enjoy countless hours on their computers. One of the most practical and convenient things about online casinos is the fact that you don’t even have to get up from your bed to play, whereas a regular casino would require you to drive there and be present. 

But if you were to ask avid online casino games what they miss the most when they’re playing through online platforms, the most common answer would be that they miss the face-to-face action. When you log in to an online gambling platform you know you’re playing real-time blackjack with dealers and other players and feel the thrill of betting against real people and not a computer, but you still don’t get the ambiance and atmosphere that only a real-life casino can provide.

With this in mind, modern online casinos have been working hard to add one of their newest features to their platforms: we’re talking about virtual reality casinos. What exactly is a VR casino experience and how to do it? We’ll let you in on all the secrets here.

What are They?

Virtual reality casinos are just the latest addition to the assortment of features online gambling sites handle. VR Casinos are a three-dimensional environment experience in which the player can interact with the casino’s ambiance as well as other players when playing different games such as blackjack. The purpose of it is to provide the same experience that a player would live in a land-based casino. 

The most sought-after game to play in a virtual reality casino is the slots because they’re widely available on the most popular platforms around the world. While playing VR slots you’ll feel exactly as if you were standing in front of the spinning wheel of a slot machine. Aside from the slots, you can also play roulette and blackjack. While the graphics are still not as impressive as those you can find in regular online games, the advances being done are moving quickly and they’ll quickly evolve into something spectacular and very lifelike. 

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How to Start Playing in a Virtual Reality Casino

The first thing you do in order to start playing betting games online in virtual reality is to purchase a VR headset and connect it to your computer. You can easily use the popular Google VR headset, which is a very basic but useful virtual reality tool with pretty solid technology. Or, if you really want to invest in this gaming technique, you can purchase the Oculus Rift, which is the most advanced virtual reality set currently available in the market. 

A VR headset reproduces sounds through the speakers while it shows realistic visuals in a 180º frame. You need to have a very stable internet connection and preferably a 5G connection. This headset is supposed to disconnect you from the real world and immerse you into the ambiance of the casino. A virtual reality headset connects to very specific platforms. These platforms usually invest heavily to get the right technology and staff to operate this novelty feature. 

Pros and Cons of Playing in Virtual Reality Casinos 

Now that virtual reality casinos such as Netbet are making their grand appearance in the online gaming scene, many people will be questioning whether or not they should try it out. In order to help them make this decision, we sorted out the main pros and cons of playing with VR casinos: 

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  • The main advantage of using virtual reality casinos is that they allow for an enhanced experience, living the atmosphere of playing in a real casino without actually leaving your home. Forget about driving, booking a hotel, or even taking a flight to get to a casino, all you’ll need is to put your headset on and you’re there. 
  • You’ll get to chat and interact with other players and opponents on a more personal level and turn the heat up a bit. 
  • In real life, you can’t play in a casino unless you start putting in some money. In an online casino, even the VR version of it, you can still start playing slots, roulette, and even blackjack completely free of charge by using the demo version. This means enjoying gambling without risking your money. 


  • Heavy initial inversion. In order for you to start playing online casino games on this modality, first, you’ll need to purchase a VR headset. This type of device can cost at least a few hundred dollars, not to mention you’ll need a powerful enough PC that supports the VR technology software. 
  • Since virtual reality casino games are still in the early stages of development, there’s still a very limited assortment of games, and the graphics might be a bit rudimental. 
  • If you’re the type of player who really gets immersed in the gaming experience, then starting to use VR technology might make it easy for you to lose focus on other aspects of your life, whereas while playing on your computer you can look away in a matter of seconds. 

What Makes Them so Special 

The best thing about VR online casinos is that you get “transported” into a make-believe casino, where you can turn your head and see a whole room with decoration and characters going about their business, just as if you were in a real casino. A virtual reality casino is a perfect combination between online gambling and the real-life thrill of betting on blackjack and other games. You can focus all of your attention on the casino games while playing with a virtual reality device, and no other online casino can provide you this. 

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What Should We Expect in the Future for This Type of Gaming? 

We could all agree that the future of virtual reality casinos is pretty promising. The advanced technology will provide for better animation and effects, and each time more platforms will expand the number of casino games they offer to customers with VR devices, ultimately making it the most popular gaming experience.

If you consider yourself a person who loves blackjack, roulette, and slots, then you should be seriously thinking of getting a virtual reality device and start immersing yourself in the experience of VR online casinos.

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