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What Business Owners Should Learn From Donald Trump

Whether you adore or hate the new American President Donald Trump, he is never someone to be underestimated. Many dismissed his political chances of becoming the republican nominee and winning the presidency. Throughout the campaign Trump continuously repeated that a loss to Hillary Clinton would be a complete waste of time and money. The power, energy and force behind his statements show the winning mindset that is Donald Trump.

This mindset is great for any entrepreneur who is after success; and always being number one. Politics aside, here are some insightful business tips entrepreneurs can learn from the controversial billionaire and his unconventional presidential run.

Winning is Not Everything, It’s the Only Thing

The modern day generation has come to accept that being a participant is good enough. In as much as this seems very encouraging, it’s far from the reality. Ever since Trump began his campaign when his chances were literally at 0% he was after a win, nothing more.

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You can Never Appeal or Please Everyone with Your Products or Services

The Trump campaign received a lot of media backlash as they termed it divisive, even racist at times. However they failed to understand that this was Trumps strategy from the beginning. This also applies in the business market.

It’s impossible to come up with a product or service that pleases everyone. So what do the top companies do? Ensure that you maintain your appeal to your current audience and add new customers along the way. This is the best strategy to maintain your top position. If you spend a lot of time, resources and energy pleasing everyone, your efforts will be in vain.

Always Remain Confident

Donald Trump can is a very confident if not boisterous individual. Despite all odds being against him he had the firm belief that he would win the election. A great part of your success arises from your personal conviction and belief that you will win. One you master the mental game of entrepreneurship, you will increase your chances of success tremendously.

Make Your Brand Known Early

Trump made his brand vivid from the beginning by distributing his signature “Make America Great Again” hats. Leading political analysts agree that his message played a phenomenal role in establishing the brand message right from the start. Despite costing a few dollars, the impact was huge. As you start your business, have a solid branding strategy that will help you get established in your industry.

There is no such thing as the ultimate branding strategy so you must strategically employ the best penetrative promotional techniques early in the game. It might be content marketing or any other form of digital marketing. Bottom line, do not start your business then ask yourself how you can promote it, instead prior to the launch hit the ground running with a formidable promotion strategy.

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Capitalize on Your Strengths

During the election Trump would demolish his opponents by focusing on their weaknesses. In the business world, this might be regarded as an underhand strategy, so focus instead on your strengths. Ask yourself why customers prefer you to your competition. Once you clearly understand what you are best at you can focus on this when making your sales pitch. This helps a great deal on determining the best way to satisfy your target market.

No Matter What, Never Give Up

Many times throughout the presidential race Donald Trump was dismissed by the pundits and told to give up. When he first stood for the ticket, his own party encouraged him to quit. Modern day politicians from across the political divide, media houses, and many other influential celebrities and personalities condemned him to fail. Many times in the campaign it seemed the magnitude of the opposition against him would result in a historic landslide loss for him.

Nevertheless, he stands victor today. Small business owners can earn today that your desire for success and sheer determination are what will get you ahead of the pack. Most successful business underwent through a great deal of challenges before finally finding their footing.

The presidential election is probably the highest job application in the world. Amy business leader who can look at this in an objective way can learn important benefits from Donald Trump who overcome all the odds against him to win the top spot. Donald Trump even set out a contract with the American people on which he seems to be delivering on all his pledges so far.

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