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What Makes a Disney Cruise Special?

Families dream about taking their children on a cruise vacation. Cruises provide a perfect opportunity to travel the world without the added stress of worrying about the logistics of the trip. If your family consists of young children, what vacation option could be better than a Disneyland cruise?

In this article, we will be going over what makes a Disney Cruise vacation magical, including the exclusive opportunities that are only available through Disney’s Cruise packages.

Disney Cruises: The Basics

Disney has a four-ship fleet for their cruises in the Disney world. The two smallest ships in their fleet are the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, each of which can hold upwards of 2,400 passengers. The two larger ships can hold 4,000 passengers and are named the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream.

Even though there is a large size difference between the ships, they do share quite a few similarities. For example, each ship is outfitted with three different styles of staterooms that passengers can stay in. Additionally, each ship contains three different styles of restaurant along with the “Animator’s Palate”.

Now for the major differences between the ships…

  • Size Differences

While this difference may seem obvious, the differences in size is visible in every aspect of the ship. On the large Fantasy and Dream ships, everything from the staterooms to the lobbies, the entrances and decks, and other amenities are huge in comparison to the smaller ships.

  • Restaurant Availability

Shockingly, even though both styles of ships are outfitted with the Animator’s Palate and Cabanas Buffett as simple dining choices for their guests, on the two bigger ships (Fantasy and Dream) the Animator’s Palate is designed with a large window that shows the beautiful scenery of the ocean. This feature is noticeably lacking on the Magic and Wonder ships.

Regarding the Cabanas Buffett, the restaurant is open until late afternoon on the smaller ships but is closed by 2pm on the Fantasy and Dream.

  • Pool Sizes

Probably the most shocking and important difference between the ships has to be the pool and deck sizes. While everything on the bigger ships are, well, bigger, the same can’t be true for the pools. The major size difference can be attributed to the different cuts of the main pool.

On the Fantasy and Dream ships the main pool is designed in the shape of an oval, while the main pools on the smaller ships are rectangular. While it may seem like a miniscule design feature, the rectangular pool found on the Magic and Wonder ships provide more swimming room than their larger ship’s counterparts.

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Vacation Packages

An incredibly special perk that comes with a Disney Cruise is the opportunity to add on two premium packages to your cruise – The Land and Sea package and the Adventures by Disney package.

Disney Vacations by land and sea packages allows you to book a hotel room at Walt Disney Resort before and/or after your cruise. It also comes with park hopper tickets that permit entry to all parks within Disney World. The Land and Sea package departs from Port Canaveral in Florida.

Adventures by Disney is a supplemental package that allows Disney experts to plan your tours and excursions based on your cruise’s destination. With this package, you will always be accompanied by 2 tour guides to give you a well-rounded view of all the places you go to, making sure you don’t miss a single sight.

Activities that are Exclusive to Disney Cruises

  • Live Musicals

Regardless of the cruise ship you are on, you will always have the opportunity to attend a Broadway quality live musical of a Disney movie bringing you into the Disney world. Disney Magic has “Tangled the Musical”, Disney Wonder is home to “Frozen the Musical”, Disney Fantasy has “Aladdin the Musical”, and Disney Dream showcases “Beauty and the Beast”.

  • Star Wars Day at Sea and Millennium Falcon Room

Two exclusive entertainment opportunities for Star Wars fans are found aboard the Disney Fantasy. The Star Wars Day at Sea is a dream come true for kids to release their inner Jedi. During this event, you can watch live shows, train to be a Jedi, meet your favorite characters, and embark on ship wide scavenger hunts.

The Millennium Falcon room is also found on the Disney Fantasy and is comprised of a Star Wars themed room. In this room, kids can take place in various crafts, they can design their own ships, and even pilot the Millennium Falcon through space.

  • Exclusive Merchandise

For anyone who collects Disney merchandise, taking a Disney cruise is a must. Each cruise ship has their own shops that contain cruise only merchandise from Disneyland, that cannot be found anywhere else. You can also peruse through a Disney Tiffany & Co. store on the Fantasy and Dream cruise ships.

  • Nightclubs and Lounges for All Ages

Another perk seen on Disney cruises is their accommodating nightclubs. There are separate nightclubs on the ships for each age: children, teens, and adults. All adult-themed nightclubs have an open bar and are a great place for adults to get away and relax.

Disney Cruise lines also have adult-only lounges that include wine and other alcohol tastings, as well as  private restaurants, pubs, and bars.

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  • Deck Parties

Unique to Disney Cruises are their immersive deck parties. Found on all ships, Disney’s deck parties are filled to the brim with entertainment starring your favorite Disney characters. Expect open-air music and dance extravaganzas during these parties that are great for passengers of all ages.

  • Character Visits

Like any other Disney vacation, Disney cruises are packed with opportunities for children and Adults alike to meet and interact with their favorite characters. Additionally, the cruise will also host autograph sessions with the Disney world characters, as well as surprise encounters throughout the cruise duration.

  • Dining Experiences

Disney Cruises are home to exclusive, adult-only dining experiences that can spice up any romantic evening. Aboard the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder is “Palo” an adult-only restaurant that specializes in northern Italian food. The restaurant “Remy” found on the Fantasy and Dream ships is an adult-only French restaurant.

Each ship is also outfitted with restaurants for the entire family like the “Animator’s Palate” which includes dinner performances.

In Conclusion

To tie it all up, Disney Cruises are special in more ways than one. Home to your favorite Disneyland characters, along with luxurious amenities, exclusive dining, and killer entertainment, you should consider making Disney Cruise lines your next family vacation. It is well worth it.

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