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What You Can Do To Stop Global Warming

Global warming is a concept we’re hearing about more and more these days. It’s been around for a while but just now people have started to realize how important it is and how it could change our planet forever. With technological and industrial advances, more and more companies and products have been developed that end up expelling greenhouse gases, which are gases that trap the heat inside the Earth’s atmosphere and slowly start heating up the planet. This is what we call global warming.

With pollution levels reaching record highs and nature rapidly deteriorating in front of our eyes, it seems like it’s already too late to do something about it. But the truth is there’s still plenty of things we can do to put the brakes on global warming and contribute with little changes to our lifestyle. Keep reading to find out what you can do to stop global warming.

1. Reduce your energy waste

Since the main cause of greenhouse gases is the use of non-renewable energies, it’s only logical that the first step we must take is changing the type of energy we use or at least reduce its waste to the minimum. Most homes still work on electric energy, while many have already taken the leap into renewable energies and installed solar cells in their homes to consume only solar energy. If this is still a very expensive option for you, you can renovate your home so it consumes less energy: get energy-saving light bulbs and appliances, install electric plugs that shut down when not in use, get newer electronics that consume less energy and always make sure to turn off lights or devices that are not being used.

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2. Carpool or look for sustainable transportation

It’s no secret that cars and all sorts of transportation have added big time to greenhouse emissions and global warming. If you want to do something good for the environment you could get together with some co-workers or neighbors and start carpooling to work and school. Use public transportation whenever you can or even take the bike if you’re going to do a short ride. If you have the economic possibilities, it’s also a good idea to invest in sustainable transportation like hybrid cars or even an electric car.

3. Save water

Water is another resource that we as humans need to survive, but it’s quickly being consumed, polluted and wasted all over the world. You can save water in your home by installing a dishwasher which consumes less water than doing the dishes by hand, you can place water-saving showers in your bathrooms, you can brush your teeth using only a glass of water instead of opening the faucet and many other small changes. Sometimes we use water and let it go down the drain instead of thinking it could still be used one more time for another task like watering the plants or washing the car so, keep this in mind next time you use some water.

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4. Recycle

We can’t stress this point enough: recycling is not a fashion, it’s a necessity. You have to start separating your trash according to the material it’s created with. Paper and tissue can easily be recycled when taken to a proper place, plastic items can also be given certain treatment in special recycling plants and even glass and metal. Organic trash can be used to create composts or it can even be planted in your garden to make it grow beautifully. Start getting into the habit of thinking where your trash is going to end up; just because you don’t use something anymore doesn’t mean you’re not responsible for where it’s going!

5. Eat less meat

Many people don’t know this, but one of the main causes of greenhouse gases is actually cattle. These animals produce massive amounts of toxic gases that get stuck in the atmosphere and slowly make the temperature rise. In fact, the environmental impact is one of the main reasons why people take on vegetarianism. You could make a small sacrifice in your life and quit eating meat (you can still eat poultry and fish), but if you don’t feel like doing this, you can still limit the amount of meat you eat and it will make a big difference.

6. Don’t promote deforestation and have a green home

Many residential projects have no respect for the environment and start making huge compounds, buildings and even hotels on important natural habitats that have great positive impact on your city’s climate. When these constructions start, entire populations suddenly start seeing climate changes and natural disbalances. If you want to do something about it make sure to protest whenever you see one of these projects starting to plan their construction. As an extra, you can participate in massive tree-planting events at your local natural areas and make sure to have as many plants as you can in your house, since they have the ability to clean polluted air.

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7. Have less kids

Climate experts state that nothing reduces pollution and waste of natural resources as having at least one less kid than you’d planned. Another big cause of global warming is overpopulation. With the average lifespan getting even longer and the birth rates also going up, this planet is getting pretty crowded for all of us to consume natural resources at a pace where they can renew themselves. To overcome overpopulation and give our planet a break, it is actually recommended to seriously consider having less kids than you’d like, if everyone did this the amount of people born would be much more moderate.

8. Vote in your country for laws that protect the environment

Sure, there are plenty of things you can do inside your house in order to make a real change and start putting the brakes on global warming, but the real important thing is that you and the rest of society make sure that the big companies and the people who have the power are taking proper action to care for the planet too. Get involved in your local initiatives and demand from your public servants that they propose laws and enforce them to make sure big factories and companies are more responsible for their waste and commit to reducing it to the maximum.

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As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do inside and outside your house to stop global warming. Make sure to talk to your family and friends about the importance of taking action so everybody becomes a little more conscious about the place we all live in.

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