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What You Can Expect from Your Car Insurance in the New Economy

The economy has changed recently as the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the financial wellbeing for both individuals and businesses. With lockdowns and restrictions across the country, many people have lost their jobs. During this financial uncertainty, some people are taking the time to reassess exactly where their money is going. One cost that people are reassessing is car insurance. Car insurance is crucial but you can save money by revising your policy or changing providers.

4 Tips on what You should Look for when Choosing Car Insurance 

1. Savings and Discounts

Responsible insurance companies understand the challenging circumstances families are facing. For example, USAA is offering support to current clients and providing discounts for new customers.

Automotive liability insurance is compulsory in most states and extra coverage can protect you financially in the case of damage. Insurance isn’t something that should be avoided, as it can save you money in the long run.

To make holding a policy more affordable, there is a range of discounts available. Military personnel are prioritized and offered a basic discount and you can pay up to 60 percent less if your car is placed in storage. Other discounts are available for families as well as combined home and car insurance policies.

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2. Flexible Payment Schedules

Budgeting will be easier when you can select the day your car insurance payments are due. Look for a company that gives you the flexibility to pay when it suits you, without charging you extra.

This feature lets you schedule your bills in a way that suits your income. You never have to feel as though you are left short and this can relieve some of the financial pressure. Your car insurance policy can start from the day you sign up online.

3. Policies that Suit Your Circumstances

Your car insurance policy should reflect the way you drive. For those who travel on an irregular basis, premiums based on yearly mileage might be the best option. As mentioned, liability insurance is the most basic form of car insurance and this covers any expenses for the other party if the car accident is your fault.

Comprehensive insurance protects your vehicle as well as theirs and is recommended for most drivers. You may like to choose extras such as fire, theft, weather, vandalism, passenger, and collision coverage. If you want to make extra income from your car, ridesharing insurance is available and it is surprisingly inexpensive.

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4. Online Access

Life can get busy, and most of us don’t have time to sit on the phone discussing claims and insurance. Online portals have made filing claims, changing details, and comparing policies much easier. You can log in day or night and get the information you need.

You can start by applying for a free quote online to find the best policy based on your unique circumstances. If you sign up for roadside assistance you can book the service via an online portal or app.

5 Tips to Follow while Filing an Car Insurance Claim

In the sections above you learned about the benefits that you can expect out of your car insurance. Moving further, it’s also important to use the right tips & tricks while filing a claim. Here’s a list of five top tips that will help you while filing a car insurance claim:

1. Do not Delay

Many insurance companies may not provide a claim against a request filed several days after the car accident.

For example, if you stalled the claim request procedure for a week or so, you may not be able to file a claim. Or your claim request may be rejected soon after you have filed it. Make sure you are not making such mistakes. File the claim request as soon as possible.

2. Call the Police

In most of the accident cases (depending on your location), it is necessary to call the police. No matter how minimal the damage is, if there’s an accident, you must report it to the police. Having a police report may turn the case in your favor in case of disputes.

3. Always Document the Accident

Indeed, once the police arrives at the accident site, they will document the accident. But that doesn’t mean we can’t document it as well. If any details are missed by the police accident investigator, the claim case may turn against you. By documenting the accident from your point of view, you can ensure that no such details are missed.

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4. If Required, Hire a Legal Advisor

If the car accident was severe, the claim case might go beyond the damaged vehicle’s inspection and compensation. This means that you may have to present and defend your case in court.

In such cases, it will be best to have an accident attorney by your side. A good car accident lawyer will have the right experience and knowledge for taking a firm stand for your case. A lawyer will also keep you from making any mistakes regarding the documentation or conversations with any concerned individuals.

5. Come up with a Settlement Amount

You may be offered a compensation amount upfront for damages and injuries. But, will it be enough?

While the other party may be generous and proactive in offering a settlement, such cases rarely happen. That’s why, it’d be best to sum up all the losses that you have dealt along with the medical bills. If your case is strong and backed by a good lawyer, you will get the right compensation amount your case deserves.

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Final Words

Insurance is necessary but it doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune. Now is the time to save money on your car insurance policy and ensure your coverage is up to date. Consider the way you drive and the policy features you need before making changes. While these are uncertain times, you still have the power to take control of your car insurance and protect yourself while on the road.

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