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When Should You Replace Your Refrigerator Water Filter

A refrigerator water filter is a carbon filter that strains the drinking water from your refrigerator. It removes chemicals and minerals found in the water, making it safe to consume. A fridge water filter needs maintenance, thus, it’s necessary to replace it when the time comes. Keep reading to find out when you need it and how often you should change the water filter.

1. Light for the Water Filter Indicator is on

Most refrigerators these days have a water filter indicator light. Hence, if you have a new model, it’s easy to determine when to change your refrigerator water filter. Old models don’t have the water filter indicator light.

The indicator lights up and tells you to change the water filter. It often lights up after some time or depending on the number of gallons you’ve already used. If you have a Samsung fridge, the Samsung refrigerator water filter will show an orange light after 5 months or after you consumed approximately 450 gallons of water. However, this varies depending on the model of your refrigerator. Replace your refrigerator water filter right away when this happens.

2. Water Looks Cloudy

It’s normal for your water to look cloudy because of the intensive pressure at which it’s served. The cloudiness will disappear after some time, and the water will clear. However, you need to change your water filter if the water keeps looking turbid even a minute passes. 

Consider it as an indicator that the filter can’t strain everything, and it needs replacement. Refrigerator water filters are installed to filtrate the water from harmful chemicals. Thus, it’s best not to drink the water from your refrigerator if it looks unclear because these contaminants can be dangerous for you.

3. The Water Tastes Different

Sometimes your water may taste different, even though the indicator light didn’t light up or the water is clear. If your water has a strange flavor, it may be time to remove your old water filter and change it into a new filter. Keep in mind drinking water is supposed to be clear and flavorless.

Be cautious about how your water tastes, too. There are several flavors you can taste from your water, and it could be chemicals you’re tasting. You may taste an earthy flavor when you drink your water. It happens when an algae bloom gets into your water.

Rust can affect the taste of your water, too. A metallic taste is present when you get rust in your water. When this happens, buy a new refrigerator water filter to avoid any poisoning from your drinking water.

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4. The Water Releases Bad Odor

Besides being clear and flavorless, drinking water is odorless, too. There are various odors you can catch from your water when it’s not purified. The smell may be reminiscent of something rotten. This is the smell of sulfur in the water coming from the underground water pipes.

Get your refrigerator water filter checked because it’s a possible cause of getting an acrid odor. Stop drinking water from your fridge if this is the cause and get your refrigerator water filter replaced before consuming water from it.

5. Presence of Black Particles

Sometimes it’s normal to see black flecks on your water coming from your refrigerator water filter. These black particles are carbon residues from the manufacturing process of your refrigerator. You can flush these leftovers as per instruction.

However, when it releases an excessive amount of black particles you should know something’s not right. It’s a sign that your water filter is old and worn out. Your refrigerator water filter is unable to filtrate the water and needs replacement.

6. Low Production

Your refrigerator water filter is prone to clogging as time passes as mineral and chemical residues can block it. It can then be difficult for ice and water to go through the water filter and this situation can result in low and slow production of water and ice. 

It can also affect the water pressure. You should change your refrigerator water filter when this happens to prevent more damage to your refrigerator system.

7. Let’s Talk about Ice

When the water filter is having problems, it will affect the production of ice as well. Ice shares the same signs of how a refrigerator water filter affects water production. Your ice would start looking cloudy, and your drink tastes odd when added ice in it. You may also see black particles covering the ice. All of this indicates the water filter is releasing filter residues besides water and ice.

Apart from the signs mentioned above, an old water filter will affect the size of ice produced. You would observe that the ice gets smaller as time passes. The water can’t get through and fill the ice mold because of the clogged materials.

8. It’s More Than Half a Year Old

Most brands suggest changing your refrigerator water filter every 6 months. However, it can vary depending on how often you use the water dispenser and ice maker. You need to change it earlier than expected if you use it more than usual.

Another factor affecting your decision would be the quality of water it produces. Find out if you’re using hard water or soft water. Hard water contains more minerals and chemicals., thus, it’s easier to fill up the filter when you have hard water.

You should go for water filters made for your fridge’s brand to avoid other complications. If you’re using a Whirlpool fridge, for example, you must only buy a Whirlpool refrigerator water filter.


Modern refrigerators are very handy because they save us time by providing clean water and ice in a matter of seconds. However, remember that your health depends on keeping track on the state of your water filter.  

These are the signs you need to consider when changing your refrigerator water filter. Keep in mind that water and ice should be clear, flavorless, and odorless. A periodical inspection and proper care should avoid you some nasty outcomes when drinking water. 

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